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Good Lord,What A Visit
The Lord Mayor of Liverpool was given a
tour of the Heritage and Education Centre at our Service’s headquarters site recently.
Councillor Erica Kemp, who was elected as Lord Mayor by the full Liverpool City Council at its annual general meeting in May, visited the site and got to see and learn about some of the firefighting history and past.
The Lord Mayor during her visit to the Heritage and Education Centre. Photos supplied by Simon Ryan.
The Lord Mayor met the volunteers who help run the centre, which is open for group visits, as well as the Fire Authority’s Deputy Chief Executive Kieran Timmins.
The Lord Mayor is the first citizen and chosen representative of the city, acting as the focal point of the community as well as promoting the city and forging national and international links. The Lord Mayor stands for one year in office.
Muddy Escape
A man was guided to safety by firefighters after he became stuck in mud on Crosby Beach
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called at 7.25pm on a Friday in September, to Crosby Beach near Mariners Road.
Group Manager Rob Pritchard, Sefton District Manager, said:
“Firefighters in water rescue gear went out to the man but he had freed himself from the mud before they reached him. The man was uninjured but fatigue had set in and he was cold. Firefighters assisted the man from the beach and handed him into the care of paramedics.
“There have been a number of mud rescues in the Crosby
Beach area this year, including one where firefighters rescued a woman on August 22. Areas of soft mud can cause people to get into difficulty quickly. We would advise people to take care while walking on Crosby Beach, particularly immediately after the tide has gone out as the ground will have been made softer by the water.”
A fire appliance from Crosby Community Fire Station attended the call-out along with a fire appliance from Bootle and Netherton Community Fire Station and a Coastguard team also attended the scene.

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