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A section of chimney fell from above a shop premises on West Derby Road Tuebrook two fire appliances and an aerial appliance have been called out. Part of a chimney also fell on to the roadway in Stanley Road in Kirkdale.
Firefighters from St Helens Community Fire Station had to remove stone cladding from the front of a house in Eliza Street in Sutton, after part of the cladding had fallen on to the pavement.
A crew from Kensington Community Fire Station attended Dobson Street in Everton at around 4.15pm to deal with a tree in a dangerous condition on a grass verge and firefighters cordoned off the area.
Firefighters from Toxteth Community Fire Station were also called out after a tree fell on to a house in Mersey Road in Aigburth at around 4.20pm. Another tree fell
There was also a metal sign hanging off a building in across a roadway in Elmsley Road in Mossley Hill just Chapel Street, Southport, at around 3.45pm. Firefighters after 5pm.
Firefighters were called out to a series of storm related incidents during the afternoon and evening of October 21.
Fire crews removed plastic guttering that was hanging from a property in Green Lane, Old Swan at around 12.20pm. One fire appliance from Kensington Community Fire Station was called out.
Three metal panels came loose from the side of the 17th floor of Unity Building in Rumford Place, Liverpool city centre, at around 12.50pm. Firefighters from Kirkdale Community Fire Station cordoned off the area around the building and made the scene safe.
A sheet of corrugated iron fell from the side of a building in Old Hall Street in Liverpool and two fire appliances were called out along with an aerial appliance.
from Southport Community Fire Station cordoned off the
area around the building and used an aerial appliance so
they could remove the sign. that had fallen. The occupants of the car are not believed
Firefighters from Wallasey removed a section of a property’s border wall and fence that was in danger of collapse due to the high winds in Seaview Road, Wallasey, just after 4pm and the crew was there for around 35 minutes.
to have been injured and the tree was removed from the road.
Firefighters were called out to Queens Drive in Old Swan at around 5pm after a car was in collision with a tree
Firefighters in water rescue kit brought a man and woman to safety from a car that was stuck in a flooded road.
They were called to Holden Road, Waterloo, at 2.07pm to an area that was around three feet deep in water.
A man and woman had been brought to safety from the car by 2.55pm.
Three fire appliances from Crosby, Bootle and Netherton and Kirkdale community fire stations were sent to the scene.
Group Manager Rob Pritchard, district manager for Sefton, said: “The flooding was three feet deep at its height and involved a road area. Firefighters had to rescue two people in a car who were stuck in the flood water but no-one else needed assistance at the scene.
“We advise people not to drive into areas of flooding as it is very difficult to estimate the depth of flooding and it can cause you to become stuck.”

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