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PlaCe Of SafeTy
Safe Havens have been introduced at the three community fire Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan said: “A Safe Haven is a
stations in Knowsley as a way of protecting people when at their most vulnerable.
The Safe Havens, initiative recently approved by the Safer Knowsley Partnership, sees community fire stations across Knowsley designated as Safe Havens.
As a result the Knowsley community fire stations, identified by an illuminated Safe Haven sign that can be seen at night, will be accessible to members of the public who feel threatened, intimidated or at risk.
They will also provide those individuals with the opportunity to report Hate Crime or Domestic Violence should they feel that this action is appropriate.
place where anyone feeling vulnerable or at risk can go to if they feel under threat of harm. We also have Safe Havens at our community fire stations in Wirral and Liverpool and it is fantastic that we now have these in the Knowsley district.
“As our fire stations are in the heart of our communities it seemed obvious that we would embrace this idea and seek to embed the initiative across Merseyside, supported by our Community Safety Partners.
“Our firefighters are experienced in dealing with the public during and at traumatic times and are highly trained in first aid and trauma care. This initiative allows us to ensure we are best able to serve our communities no matter what the circumstances.”
Group Manager Gary Oakford, Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service District Manager for Knowsley, said: “A person in distress and in need of sanctuary can now approach one of our community fire stations and ask for help
and a place of safety. Members of the public already consider our community fire stations as places to call on for help but this new initiative means they can also seek sanctuary in a time of need.”
At night time, if firefighters are at the station the Safe Haven will be illuminated. If firefighters are not at the station, during daytime or night time, assistance can be called on for an emergency situation by using the yellow station phone
located on the front of the buildings.
The signs have now been placed on all three Knowsley community fire stations. The stations are: Huyton Community Fire Station, Whiston Community Fire Station and Kirkby Community Fire Station.
The Safer Knowsley Partnership includes Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, Merseyside Police and Knowsley Council.
Firefighters at Bootle and Netherton and Crosby community fire stations linked in with Home Instead to enhance their ability to deal with incidents involving people with dementia.
They were given a training session led by Home Instead, an organisation that provides support for people with dementia to help them remain independent in their own home.
Charlotte Baines, who is the training facilitator from Home Instead, provided a programme of training to all the watches based at Bootle and Netherton and Crosby community fire stations.
The packages consisted of two training presentations lasting around two hours each which included information about what exactly dementia is, the causes of Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia and the symptoms.
She also provided information on the help and assistance available to Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service when attending incidents involving people with dementia.
Watch Manager Dave Shanahan, of Crosby Community Fire Station, said: “All members of the watches found the presentation to be informative and helpful in providing an insight into this terrible disease.
“Operationally it will be helpful to quickly identify when we are dealing with people living on their own who are in the early stages of dementia, when either attending incidents or when carrying out Home Fire Safety Checks.”
Charlotte plans to roll out the presentation to Formby and Southport community fire stations early next year, ensuring that all stations in Sefton have received this training.
Watch Manager Keith Woodhams, on the far right of the photo, from
Red Watch at Huyton Community Fire Station, and Station Manager Mark Thomas, stading on the left of the photo, with the Safe Haven signs that are on all community fire stations across Knowsely. Photo: Karl Mansfield.
arl Mansfield.
Photo supplied by Dave Shanahan.
Firefighters from Crosby Community Fire Station pictured with Charlotte Baines from Home Instead during the training session on dementia.

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