Page 6 - HOT NEWS NOV 2014
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No Name From
5236 Joanne Stephens CM Stn 19 - Croxteth SRT
5008     Ian Wooldridge CM  Stn 33 Southport - Blue Watch
No Name From
5089 David Shannon FF 5369 Lee Phillipson FF 3095 Daniel Farrington FF 5372 Lee Haigh FF 2757 Andrew Leese FF
3067 John Cousins WMB
2910 Thomas Green 5460 Nicholas Bernstein 2945 Andrew Lemon 2928 Paul Hilton
No Name
2645 Jeffrey Richardson 2660 Peter Hooton
2653 Peter Cass
2639 Stephen Hurst 2692 Miles Wilcox
2635 Colin Edmond 2793 John Edwards 5280 John Beckett
Stn 19 - Croxteth SRT 22/09/2014
Health & Safety -  21/09/2014 Non Ops 9 Day
IMT Red Watch
33 Southport Blue Watch IMT Green Watch
32 Formby LLAR
31 Crosby Red Watch
CFS Management - Other Duties
FF 11 City Centre Green Watch FF 13 Allerton Green Watch FF 16 Old Swan Red Watch T/WMB 10 Kirkdale Blue Watch
Designation Location
41 Whiston Red Watch
33 Southport Green Watch 33 Southport Green Watch
13 14 16 33 11
Allerton Other Duties Speke Other Duties
Old Swan Other Duties Southport Other Duties City Centre Unpaid Leave
Designation Location
Prince’s Trust Team Leader
Designation Location
14 Speke Red Watch
33 Southport Green Watch
T&DA non ops days
33 Southport Blue Watch
30 Bootle/Netherton White Watch
CFS Management - Days
13 Allerton Green Watch 14/09/2014 11 City Centre Green Watch 14/09/2014
16/09/2014 22/09/2014 19/09/2014 28/09/2014 10/09/2014
31 Crosby Red Watch T&DA non ops 10 days
14/09/2014 13/09/2014
Start Date
14/09/2014 16/09/2014 16/09/2014 02/09/2014 10/09/2014 31/08/2014 06/09/2014 12/09/2014
Grade Start Date
G7      15/09/201
Start Date
18/09/2014 18/09/2014
No Name
6110 Alison Caulfield
No Name
4576 Kenneth Scott 4631      Jade Cotter
Team Leader (Marine)
Assistant Team Leader (Princes Trust)
Tweets From The Street...and more
After members of the Prince’s Trust Team programme, run by our Service through community fire stations, helped refurbish a building this Tweet was sent on October 14 by the charity @NorthcityPlay : #hardworkpaysoff @PrincesTrust @MerseyFire ....Our building today. #youngpeople #thanks
On October 13, the charity Legacy Rainbow House sent this Tweet: @rainbow_house @MerseyFire Thank you for your support, we are extremely grateful :)
After a Tweet on the Service Twitter @MerseyFire about testing smoke alarms, Labour Councillor for Harington in Sefton Nina Killen @CllrNinaKillen Tweeted on October 11 to her 1,397 followers: MT: "@MerseyFire: test your smoke alarms. Make sure you have working alarms on each level of your home @Fire_Kills" << just tested mine
On October 10 @14thwothscouts Tweeted: Thanks to one of our parents from
@MerseyFire who came along last night to talk to the Scouts.
The Fire Fighters Charity Regional Fundraising Officer North West Alan Knell @Knell_FFC Tweeted on October 10 - Great to see Southport Fire Station up to more great fundraising! Car Wash tomorrow if you in the area! @MerseyFire
BBC Radio Merseyside Tweeted this message on October 7 to their 26,000 followers @bbcmerseyside - 2 people rescued from a car in 2-3 feet of floodwater on Holden Road in #Waterloo. @MerseyFire teams at the scene to pump water away.
In other messages:
Following a visit to Birkenhead Community Fire Station on October 6, this message was sent to MF&RS: Hi, my son came for a visit on Monday to the Exmouth St Fire station with his Beavers group & I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone involved. He had an absolutely brilliant time & was very excited about having a go of the hose.
It was very kind of you to take the time out to have the group there. Thank you again.
Following a visit by firefighters from Blue Watch at Speke and Garston Community Fire Station to a property on October 4 in Speke, this letter was sent in: On behalf of my father and myself, I would just like to thank your officers for giving exceptional prompt and efficient attention at my father’s home on Saturday (October 4).
This followed my telephone contact at dinnertime after one of the two MF&RS smoke alarms, previously fitted (in the last 12-18 months I believe) had become faulty during the night. Your officers promised they would endeavour to visit that afternoon (which they did shortly before 2.30pm) and sort the problem, as obviously my father was unable to do so himself – owing to age and other considerations... thanks for the prompt attention which we greatly appreciate and which we also find re-assuring with everything else (more serious) going on!
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