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A Watch had a visit from the Chief Fire Officer after two of its firefighters rescued an unconscious woman from a house fire in Liverpool.
Green Watch firefighters from Toxteth Community Fire Station leapt into action and entered a property on Kinnaird Street, Dingle, where they carried the unconscious lady to safety and tackled the fire.
The Chief Fire Officer visited Toxteth Community Fire Station to present the Watch with their Watch Commendation award. The firefighters from Green Watch at Toxteth could not be at a Long Service and Bravery Awards event held at Aintree Racecourse earlier this year to collect the award.
Firefighters from Kensington Community Fire Station met the two Green Watch firefighters carrying the woman at the property’s front door and helped to bring her out into the street.
Watch Manager Ronnie Hale, who was the Officer in Command on the call-out and is part of Green Watch at Toxteth Community Fire Station, said: “We were the first appliance on scene and
when we opened the front door to the property thick smoke billowed out due to the severity of the kitchen fire inside.
“Two firefighters from Green Watch at Toxteth wearing breathing apparatus entered the property and located the woman inside and carried her to the front door of the property. Those firefighters were Firefighter Smith and Firefighter Walker. After handing the woman over to other firefighters, Firefighter Smith and Firefighter Walker returned into the property to extinguish the severe kitchen
"The woman, who was found in an adjacent room to where the fire started, was unconscious and breathing and firefighters had to carry her out to safety. This was a severe fire and the property was very smoke-logged.
“Firefighters from Toxteth had to very work quickly to check and find anyone inside the property and to carry out any rescue. If smoke alarms had not alerted neighbours then this call-out may have been very different and led to a possible loss of life. This woman was unable to get out
of the property herself.
“Firefighter Hunter, who is also part of Green Watch at Toxteth and was there on the night, was about to give oxygen to the woman after she had been brought out of the property when the paramedics arrived.”
Members of Green Watch from Kensington Community Fire Station and from Toxteth Community Fire Station helped to carry the elderly woman, who was found close to the room where the fire started, from the house to safety. She was given oxygen by paramedics and taken to hospital.
A fire appliance from Liverpool City Community Fire Station also attended the call-out and firefighters on duty at that station helped to ventilate the property and clear the smoke.
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service was called at 6.59pm on December 16, 2013, after smoke alarms in the property alerted neighbours to the fire.
The fire involved a tumble dryer at the property. The suspected cause of the fire was an electrical fault.
People were advised on how to store wheelie bins safely after fire crews were called out to a number of fires.
Firefighters from Kirkdale Community Fire Station were called at 7.40pm on October 13
to Field Lane, Fazakerley and a high pressure hose was used to extinguish a
wheelie bin fire.
On the same night firefighters were called to a wheelie bin on fire next to a building on Buckley Hill Playing Field, Buckley Hill Lane, Thornton at
8.48pm. Firefighters from Bootle and Netherton Community Fire Station attended the call-out.
A fire appliance was also called out to a fire involving a refuse container in Roughwood Drive, Kirkby, after Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service
was called at 8.53pm on the same night.
The day before there was a fire involving a quantity of rubbish at the rear of shops in Moor Lane, Crosby, at around 7.20pm and a fire appliance from Crosby Community Fire Station was called out.
Firefighters were also called out to fire involving rubbish in in Arundel Avenue, in Toxteth at around 12.50am on October 11 and the same day there was also a wheelie bin on fire in Elizabeth Road in Fazakerley.
A number of wheelie bins in a bin storage area at flats in Kingham Close in Leasowe were also set on fire.
Watch Manager Ian Mullen, Arson Reduction Co-ordinator for Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, said: "People are advised to ensure wheelie bins are locked away securely where possible. Wheelie bins should be stored away from their property and should only be put out on the day of collection then brought back in immediately after they have been emptied.”
A Gerber Tool has been found at St Helens Fire Station. If the owner contacts St Helens White Watch with a description it will be returned to its rightful owner.
Green Watch firefighters from Toxteth Community Fire Station.
Photo supplied by Station Manager Paul Kay.

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