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The programme was created after public inquiries following a
number of major incidents reported
that although the emergency services
worked well independently, they did
not work together as well as they could.
Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens said: “Exercise Joint
Endeavour simulated the significant
challenge faced by emergency service
personnel when major incidents occur. There
were time-critical rescues undertaken from a very hazardous environment and dynamic command decisions made with all three emergency services co-operating closely together. Exercises like Joint Endeavour are invaluable, as they allow our specialist teams to put their skills and knowledge to the test under highly realistic conditions in an environment where effective communication with other emergency services and agencies is essential.
“Our firefighters and the Urban Search and Rescue Team carry out regular training to ensure they are prepared to deal with all
eventualities, with the most
up-to-date equipment and
knowledge to respond to any
“Merseyside was selected to host the largest validation exercise of the national programme JESIP - the Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme. More than 45 officers at our Service have completed the JESIP training so far and the courses they have been on have also led to many good working relationships forming amongst the three emergency services.”
Steve Wheaton, JESIP Assistant Senior Responsible Officer, said: “We are grateful to the agencies on Merseyside for agreeing to host this massive event. It marks the culmination of the first phase of JESIP, which has seen the creation of a unique joint training programme, bringing together personnel from the three blue light services, and other responder organisations, solely to improve even further the service they give to the public in situations of crisis.”
Photo: Watch Manager Neil Henry.
For more information about JESIP go to
Photo: Watch Manager Neil Henry.

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