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Fire crews helped paramedics transport a man to safety after he toppled over on a mobility scooter in Wirral.
The man was trapped underneath the mobility scooter after it had toppled over near Melloncroft Drive in Caldy.
Fire crews helped
paramedics transport
the man to an ambulance on a spine board.
The man was taken to Arrowe Park Hospital by ambulance for a precautionary check.
Two fire appliances from West Kirby and Heswall community fire stations were called out. Fire crews were there for just under an hour.
The call-out was at 1.30pm, on Friday August 15.
Fire at Former School
Dog Paddled To Safety
Our Marine Rescue Unit rescued a dog that had become stuck on soft sand on a sandbank near Otterspool Promenade.
The Unit’s boat, Marine Fire One, was sent to the area in the call-out on September 9.
Team Leader Ian Kay, from the Marine Rescue Unit, said: “A man had been walking his dog, which had entered the water then got stuck on a sandbank. We deployed a swimmer on a rescue sled. They paddled out on the sled to rescue the dog.
“The dog’s owner had been given safety advice by the Coastguard and our control room to stay on dry land and not enter the water. This was at a time when the tide was due to turn so it would have soon started to come back in towards the shore.
“The man would have had to have gone through mud to get to the dog and he could have ended up getting stuck himself.”
The dog was reunited with its owner.
Firefighters extinguished a fire at a former school building in Everton.
At the height of the incident six fire appliances and two aerial appliances were at the scene. Fire Control received 19 calls from the public about the fire.
The fire involved the old sports hall of the unoccupied former Notre Dame school building and firefighters managed to prevent the fire spreading to the rest of the building.
Firefighters were at the scene in Everton Valley for over three hours.
Station Manager Andy Groom said: "Fire crews had to extinguish the fire using two aerial appliances.
"Firefighters were able to prevent the fire spreading into the main building."
There were no reports that anyone was injured in the incident. The call-out was on September 2 at 5.20pm.
Firefighters tackle the fire at the former Notre Dame school. Photos: Chris Phillips.
Photo supplied by Station Manager Steve Gadsdon.

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