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Two fires had to be extinguished at a former social club in Litherland in the last two months.
The two call-outs, the latest on September 22, involved seven fire appliances. Both were suspected to be deliberate ignitions.
The fires involved parts of the old Constitutional Club on Field Lane.
Firefighters tackle the fire on September 22 and the damage is clear to see from the blaze. Photos: Chris Phillips.
Following the call-out on September 22, Station Manager Barry Moore said: "Firefighters worked well at the scene but tackling the fire was slightly complicated by crews, for safety reasons, having to tackle the fire from outside the building. A cordon was put in place as there were concerns parts of the building, including parts of the roof and some chimneys may collapse.”
The fire on September 22 started in the ground floor and spread to all floors of the three-storey building and fire appliances from Bootle and Netherton, Aintree, Old Swan and Kirkby community fire stations attended.
Further damping down operations were also needed on the morning of September 23.
The first fire started on August 14. Three fire appliances from Bootle and Netherton, Aintree and Kirkdale community fire stations were called out on that evening and were on scene for around three hours 30 minutes.
The fire on August 14 involved a single-storey building containing a function room, which was at the rear of
the main three-storey building.
Station Manager Chris Head said:
“When fire crews arrived on August 14, the timber framed building containing the function room was fully involved in
“The fire completely destroyed the function room. Fire crews managed to prevent the fire spreading to the main
three storey building.”
Three fire appliances from Bootle and Netherton, Aintree and Kirkdale community fire stations were called
out. Our Service’s Fire Control room received 18 calls about the fire on August 14.
Pub Blaze Tackled
Firefighters tackled a fire in a derelict pub in Gateacre.
Four fire appliances were sent to the scene on a Tuesday evening in September but in just over an hour of the call, firefighters were damping down at the scene.
Damping down operations were carried out for nearly two hours at the scene in Gateacre Park Drive, Gateacre, on September 23. Our Service Control Room received 11 calls about the fire.
Watch Manager Neil Graham, who attended the call-out with firefighters from Belle Vale Community Fire Station, said: “This was a fire on the first floor of an unoccupied pub and it was through the roof when we arrived. Firefighters knocked it down externally by using main jets from outside initially. When it was safe to do so, three firefighters wearing breathing apparatus entered
the property and made sure the fire was extinguished inside.
“On this call-out we used the new procedures for BA (Breathing Apparatus), which included additional control measures including an Entry Control Point Supervisor.
It gives more control and makes it safer for firefighters being deployed into buildings.”
The fire was a suspected deliberate ignition and the first floor of the building was severely damaged by fire.
A fire appliance from Belle Vale Community Fire Station, one from Allerton Community Fire Station and one from Speke and Garston Community Fire Station attended the call-out along with our Service’s Incident Management Team.

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