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5162 Philip Jones FF 31 Crosby Blue Watch
3255 William Shepherd WMB Planning & Building Regs Team SHQ
2706     Glen Thomas  WMB  Prevention & Protection - Knowsley District
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FF 30 Bootle/Netherton Blue Watch09/08/2014
WMB Prevention & Protection - 11/08/2014 Knowsley District
WMB Planning & Building 11/08/2014 Regs Team SHQ
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2845 Peter Karim 18 Aintree Other Duties   22/08/2014 2632 Mark Clarke SNRO 20/08/2014 3285 David Voller    25 Wallasey Altops 25/08/2014 2652 Malcolm Whipp 15 Toxteth White Watch      06/08/2014
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6106 Liam Williamson 6108 Suzanne Thomas
6109 John Baker
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6074 Ian Harvey
4849 Simon Mansfield 4372 Carl Robinson 4538 Barry Coomer
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Absence Manager & Professional Standards Assistant POD
Administration & Typing Assistant Legal, Procurement & Democratic Services
T/Commercial Trainer Operational Preparedness       G7   01/09/2014
6&4 G3
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18/08/2014 01/09/2014
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District Advocate Energy Management Technical Officer Advocate
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28/07/2014 22/08/2014 31/08/2014 31/08/2014
A woman trapped up to her waist in mud was rescued by firefighters.
A fire appliance from Crosby Community Fire Station and one from Bootle and Netherton Community Fire Station attended the call-out at Crosby Beach.
Watch Manager James Murphy, who attended the call-out with Red Watch at Crosby Community
Fire Station, said: “The woman was stuck in mud around 300 yards from the Promenade. It was thought she had been walking and got into difficulty.
445th Liverpool @445liverpoolGG Tweeted on September 22 - Tonight brownies visited @MerseyFire museum! THANK YOU to the guys there - brill and highly recommended! #firesafetybadge #fun #girlguiding
Newton Comm Centre @NewtonCommCentr Tweeted on September 11 - A Special great big thank you from everyone here @NewtonCommCentr to @MerseyFire for their visit tonight #sthelens
Theresa Griffin MEP @TheresaMEP September 19 - Good to meet with @Dave_Hanratty and Dan Stephens from @MerseyFire this morning.
Following the JESIP exercise on September 18, @CNR_Resilience Tweeted on September 19 @MerseyFire @jesip999 @MerseyPolice @NWAmbulance Thx to organisers,
volunteers and services for amazing experience yesterday - a privilege.
Knowsley Chamber @Knowsley Chamber Tweeted on September 9 @KnowsleyBW tonight
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“The Coastguard were at the scene and had a rescue sled which we could use to help rescue the woman. Two firefighters in dry suits used
the sled to bring the woman to safety.
“The Coastguard also helped direct us through a safe route to help avoid the mud, ensuring the woman’s safety.
“There have been a number of mud rescues in the same sort of area this year. There are patches of soft mud in this area. It is very easy for people to walk into an area of soft mud. We would advise people not to walk in this area, particularly immediately after the tide has gone out as the ground will have been made softer by the water.”
The woman was checked by paramedics but it is not thought she needed hospital attendance. The call-out was on August 22.

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