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In the quest to get all station gyms to a good standard, a refurbishment project has been completed at Crosby Community Fire Station.
Crosby’s gym was placed as a high priority due to the lack of a suitable aerobic and resistance space. The bottom dormitory has been emptied of all the old lockers and beds and new flooring has been installed along with a new ventilation system. The gym has been fully refurbished and the Service has invested in new equipment including a cable machine, treadmill, cross trainer, bike, rower and
The refurbished gym at Crosby Community Fire Station.
Case Study:
resistance barbells and dumbbells. The old snooker table was gifted to a local community group and the area will now be re-floored and made into a multi-purpose space including an area for lectures and aerobic training.
Our Service’s Health and Fitness Adviser Bill Pirrie said: “I would like to thank all those who helped the process to be completed in particular Tony Mooney from estates, who liaised with everyone. Hopefully the staff at Crosby Community Fire Station can have a full and enjoyable workout now in their refurbished facilities.
Striving For Success: My Weight Management Diary One of our Service partner contractors. Male in his late 20s.
STARTING WEIGHT: Around 28 stone 4lbs. WEIGHT TO DATE: 14.11 stones to 14.7 stones. TOTAL LOSS: Around 13.7 stones to 15.3 stones.
My Diary
Why did you feel you wanted to lose weight, any particular trigger which focussed you on getting started?
The reasons why I felt that I needed to change the way I was, was due to many things like getting picked on over my weight.
The other reasons why I wanted to change was my clothes size. I found it hard to get any clothes in my size from the shops as none went up to a 6xl. The only way I could get any clothes to fit me was to order them online or get them specially made.
How did you go about starting your weight management programme?
It started by me and a friend saying on his birthday ‘wouldn’t it be nice for once to go into Primark and buy
something off their rack that can fit us for once’. So that’s when we joined the gym in town the following day.
What was entailed in your plan?
At first I did not have a plan. I really did not know what I wanted all I kept thinking was I want to have the strength but also have the body to fit in medium clothes. After I had been going to the gym for a couple of months I could see no change so that’s when I decided that the first part of my plan was to do a lot of cardio.
What was hard about the plan?
The hard part about the plan was keeping up on my diets and the gym. At first I could only run for a few seconds until I got tired. Now if I feel that I am getting tired while running I push myself to do an extra minute or more until I can’t run anymore then I start doing a light walk for a minute or two.
The above weight loss took place during two years.
Photo supplied by Bill Pirrie.

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