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Industrial Fire Tackled
Firefighters at the scene of the fire in Kirkby. Photo supplied by Group Manager Guy Keen.
A large fire at an industrial unit in Knowsley was extinguished by firefighters.
Flames and smoke could be seen by crews as they arrived at the scene in Charley Wood Road, Kirkby, following a call at 11.01pm on a Tuesday in June.
The fire involved a large quantity of plastic in the industrial unit.
By 11.50pm on the day of the fire, June 23, eight fire appliances were at the scene to ensure enough water was provided to tackle the fire.
An aerial appliance, which has a platform on the end of an extendable arm to put water onto fires from above roof height, was also sent to the scene.
The Service’s Command Support Unit also attended.
By 8.40am on Wednesday, June 24, the incident was being scaled and by 9.50am, six fire appliances were at the site.
Firefighters left the scene just after 2.30pm on June 24.
Area Manager Dave Mottram said: "Due to large volumes of smoke from the fire, residents living near the area were advised to keep doors and windows closed to prevent smoke entering their property.
"This was a significant fire and firefighters worked hard at the scene throughout the night to deal with this fire.
"We needed the number of fire appliances we had at the scene to ensure we could get enough water onto the fire and this contained the fire and prevented its spread to other businesses in the area."
Our Service’s Urban Search and Rescue Team was sent to Cheshire to help search for survivors following an explosion at a wood flour mill.
The team, which included search dog Belle, were deployed on July 17 to the site in the village of Bosley, near Macclesfield,to assist Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service, who were tackling fires there.
The Search and Rescue Team were still at the location on July 22.
Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens said: “The USAR team is highly trained and experienced in responding to collapsed structure incidents.
“We deployed one full USAR unit which consists of ten technicians, three USAR modules, a tactical advisor and a search dog and handler to the incident.
I attended the incident and saw for myself how challenging it was for the initial attending fire crews and the USAR teams.”
At the time of Hot News going to print, the team has undertaken canine and technical search operations to identify the locations of any employees who remained trapped in the collapse.
The four-storey wood flour mill building was completely destroyed in the explosions that took place on the morning of July 17.

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