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Three of our staff took part in the 10k Race for Life event in Sefton Park to highlight the role of a firefighter to under-represented groups in our communities.
Watch Manager Lauren McCormack was joined by Recruit Firefighter Eve McNally and Recruit Firefighter Kim Antoine in the event on the day. All three wore firefighter kit for the run.
Our staff were also at the event as part of Positive Action work in the community to encourage people from under- represented groups to find out more about being a firefighter in Merseyside. In total 14 of our Service’s recruits attended the event on Sunday, July 5.
The Positive Action work has been carried out at various events in recent months including Africa Oye and the Race for Life events in Birkenhead and Southport. Staff were also at the start and finish line in Liverpool for on July 5 for the "Liverpool Chester Liverpool bike ride".
Positive Action is a legal term which refers to a number of methods designed to counteract the effects of past discrimination and to help abolish stereotyping.
Employers are allowed by law to take Positive Action to help redress any imbalances that may have arisen as a result of past discrimination or disadvantage. The aim of Positive Action is to ensure people from previously excluded groups have the opportunity to compete on equal terms with other participants.
Building Knowledge and networks
Our Service recently hosted a pan-Merseyside Housing Symposium which included sharing information and discussions on improved ways of risk reduction.
The event was attended by around 40 people. The day also covered advances in technology, how MF&RS manage risk through data sharing protocols and how organisations can work more collaboratively to support other agendas such as Bonfire Planning, Target Hardening, Hate Crime and other forms of anti-social behaviour (ASB).
The event was organised by District Advocate Michelle Rasdale with the aim of bringing all relevant partners into one room to share best practice. Guest speakers were invited to present on a number of issues including
assisted technology and data sharing protocols.
Station Manager Paul Kay, who
delivered a presentation on
Community Safety Campaigns
at the event, said: “Michelle did
a fantastic job in organising
both an informative and
instructive day for all MF&RS
personnel and partners
invited. The aim of the day was
to further enhance a targeted
approach with our partners to target the most vulnerable people in the most challenging homes.”
The event was held on June 24.
Photo: Lyndsay Young.
Photos supplied by Liz Inman.

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