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United Front for Community Health
Firefighters and fire prevention staff in Wirral have received specialist training.
Choosing Health Training is offered by Wirral Community NHS Trust to staff working with the public, equipping them with knowledge, skills and resources to improve people’s health.
The brief advice and brief intervention methods are used to ensure that front line staff in various organisations in Wirral are taking every opportunity to promote consistent, preventative health messages with the community.
The approach includes a handbook, an evidence-based guide for staff to refer to, supporting their brief health interventions in the community.
Firefighters based in Wirral received the training between September 2014 and June this year.
Jen Welsh, District Prevention Manager for Wirral, said:
“Choosing Health Training builds on work that our Service has successfully taken part in promoting health, such as the Fire Fit programme.
“Wirral has seen a number of fire fatalities in recent years whereby health issues, such as alcohol and smoking, have been significant contributing factors. It is crucial that all members of staff involved in delivering home fire safety checks and working with the public are able to discuss these issues in order to carry out accurate risk assessments and offer appropriate and effective advice to reduce the risk of fires.”
Jen continued: “The Choosing Health Programme complements existing work, and supports staff on the front line to provide them with up-to-date resources, information as well as the skills needed to discuss health issues and make positive health interventions in the community.
“Wirral Prevention Team have received Choosing Health Training and are already actively carrying out health interventions as part of their role, Wirral District Management Team have also received this training.
As part of Wirral District’s plan to reduce fires, deaths and injuries this Choosing Health training was also given to fire crews across Wirral, in partnership with Wirral Community NHS Trust.”
The Wirral Prevention team and Wirral District Management Team received the training in May last year.
Phil Baines, from the Livewell team at Wirral Community NHS Trust, said: “Wirral has significant health inequalities which closely reflect the indices of multiple deprivation, and so is an ideal location for the project to take place. Overall, the levels of deprivation, alcohol and drug misuse are significantly worse than the England average, as are life expectancy rates. This training was bespoke for firefighters and fire prevention staff with information and scenarios that were relevant to their roles in the community.”
Young Drivers Receive Safety Advice
Hundreds of school children received road safety information from our Service as part of partnership work.
Two full days of road safety engagement were staged at Wirral Grammar School for Girls, Wirral Grammar School for Boys, both in Bebington, Wirral, and South Wirral High School in Eastham.
Watch Manager Jez Williamson, who took part in the safety sessions, is a Fire Community Safety Officer (FCSO) and is embedded with Wirral Council’s Road Safety Team as part of a partnership role.
Watch Manager Williamson said: “To organise events
of this scale requires a great deal of commitment, co-operation and assistance from partnership agencies. Yet again, this has been forthcoming in abundance.
“I can’t thank enough Wirral Council’s Road Safety Team, Merseyside Police and John Cousins and Vin Taylor from our Service for their continued commitment and support.
“We delivered safety information to over 350 students over the two days, all of whom are either driving or learning to drive shortly.
“Hopefully, this will result in fewer RTCs amongst this age group on Wirral.”
“I have already had an email from Wirral Grammar thanking us and inviting us back to deliver to next year’s cohort,” he added.
The road safety days were held in June and July.
The road safety event with the school children. Photo supplied by Watch Manager Jez Williamson.

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