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Saughall Massie Road was approved after the Authority considered the results and views of a 12-week public consultation.
The consultation resulted in overall support for the proposal to close Upton and West Kirby fire stations and build a new fire station on Saughall Massie Road, with the majority of those consulted of the view it was reasonable given the financial and operational pressures on the Fire and Rescue Authority.
However, there was significant local opposition to the proposal to build a new station at the green belt site in Saughall Massie Road by local residents who raised a number of issues relating to planning matters.
A 12-week consultation process was also approved at the same meeting over the proposed merger of Eccleston and St Helens fire stations at a new station on Canal Street. The consultation will start on August 3, 2015, and more information on public meeting dates and times will be announced when the consultation is launched.
The Authority considered the following two options at the meeting:
1. TheproposedmergerofEcclestonandStHelens Fire Stations at a new station to be built on Canal Street, St Helens and the re-designation of one of the two existing wholetime fire engines as “wholetime retained” (with a 30-minute recall).
2. The outright closure of Eccleston Fire station as the alternative to the merger.
The proposals are intended to minimise the impact of the ongoing cuts to the Authority budget and maintain as fast a response as possible to all parts of St Helens district.
The consultation will include a document on , as well as being distributed in the areas affected by the proposals, outlining why changes need to be made and details on the impact on fire cover across the St Helens district. The consultation will also involve public meetings at locations near Parr, St Helens town centre and Eccleston, a stakeholders’ meeting in St Helens, three focus groups and a joint forum.
Following the conclusion of the consultation, a further report will be submitted to the Authority detailing the outcomes of the consultation and any operational implications.
This Business Continuity icon on the Portal leads staff to the new documents on Business Continuity Management.
As a Category 1 responder under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 the Fire and Rescue Service is required to have in place resilient business continuity arrangements to maintain service at all times. Being prepared for any eventuality that can disrupt the delivery of our services is essential. Business Continuity Management (BCM) is the process of planning to ensure that our organsiation can return to "business as usual" as quickly and painlessly as possible in the event of a major disruption.
A new programme of Business Continuity Management will be made available for staff on the Portal where staff can find information on Business Continuity Planning and on what to do during a crisis. Business Continuity Champions have also been appointed to help make sure department plans are as resilient as possible. I encourage everyone to read the Business Continuity information available and to familiarise themselves with the plans and procedures for their area. I cannot stress the importance of knowing what to do in the event of a significant disruption to service.
Principal Officer briefing dates are now underway to update staff on the position following the emergency budget. In the briefings, the DCFO and I set out as best as we can our analysis of the scale of the financial challenge expressed as best to worse case scenarios. We also set out what we intend to do to meet the challenge.
The briefings predominantly focus on 2016/17 and Beyond, however, we still have to make a number of structural changes to deliver the savings required in the current financial year.
At a meeting of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority on June 30, the closure of Upton and West Kirby fire stations in Wirral and the building of a new station on

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