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From the history pages
There have been a number of events this year to mark 200 years since the Battle of Waterloo.
One of those who was at the battle in June 1815 was Thomas Gallemore who would be the first leader of the Liverpool Fire Police.
Mr Gallemore ran the Fire Police in Liverpool from its foundation in 1834 until 1836.
In 1815, Gallemore was a Conductor of Stores with the Royal Artillery Drivers, part of the Royal Artillery Field Train. His name is recorded on the Waterloo Medal Roll.
In horse artillery teams of eight horses drew all 9pounder cannons and limbers, the left horse being ridden by a driver.
If the battery had, say, 120 horses, 48 were pulling the six guns and limbers, 44 were hauling the nine ammunition wagons, and 18 pulling the remaining wagons (six for the carriage wagon and 12 for the three other wagons). There were also spare horses.
It was not until seven years after Waterloo that drivers became an integral part of every horse battery, which were called a “troop”.
In 1827, Gallemore was appointed Temporary Superintendent of the Manchester Fire Brigade before going on to be made 1st Foreman of the Liverpool Fire Police.
Charities Boosted By event
Blue Watch at Southport Community Fire Station held a car wash to help a local charity and raise funds for The Fire Fighters Charity.
The firefighters worked with volunteers from the charity Library in the Park, which aims to raise enough money to convert a bowling green pavilion in Botanic Gardens into a volunteer-run library, after their local library closed.
A total of £358.72 was raised with £179.36 raised for The Fire Fighters Charity.
Watch Manager Dave Shanahan, from Blue Watch at the station, said: “The weather was very sunny so there was a lot of interest for car washes on the day.”
The Fire Fighters Charity’s facilities are available for all MF&RS staff, both operational and non-operational, retired firefighters and their families.
It has three centres, including Jubilee House in Cumbria, Harcombe House in Devon and Marine Court in West Sussex.
Anyone employed by our Service and their dependents can use the Charity and qualify for lifetime support after five years’ employment. It helps those who have been injured or suffered illness.
For information about the charity’s beneficiary services visit . You can also email or call 0800 389 8820.
The car wash was held in May.
Another car wash at Southport Community Fire Station was held on June 27.
The car wash involved pupils from Liverpool College who were required for the Gold Award to raise funds for a charity and to assist in the funding of their Gold Award expedition. They raised £260 which was split with The Fire Fighters Charity.
Total Incidents by Ground Station between 1st May 2015 to 31st May 2015
Station Ground
All Accidental All Deliberate All RTC Primary Home Secondary Secondary Special
Fires Fires Fires Fires Service
10 Kirkdale
11 City Centre
12 Kensington
13Allerton 3
13 725 24 34 4 27 4 241 18 10 16 16 51
5 5 42 32 30 51 77 30 25 24 84 17BelleVale 726620
14 Speke - Garston 15 Toxteth
16 Old Swan
3 15 3 11 5 17 7
18 Aintree
19 Croxteth
20 Birkenhead
21 Bromborough
22Heswall 423344 23Upton 937631 24WestKirby 322210
12 7 975 1
13 7 15 18 6 24 10 3 10
134 2 23 12 3 84 0
25 Wallasey 10 2
30 Bootle & Netherton 10 9
31 Crosby 13 6
32Formby 102231 33 Southport 135138141 40 Huyton 839862 41Whiston 417720
141333 202081 7724 52Eccleston 7510931
42 Kirkby 6 2 50 St Helens 13 7 51 Newton-Le-Willows 10 4
Grand Total 252 113 306 277 157 41
During May 2015, firefighters rescued 11 people from Road Traffic Collisions (RTCs) and six people from Accidental Dwelling Fires.
121211 2 958 2 10810 0
This photo shows the chairman of the volunteers from the charity Library in the Park with members of Blue Watch at Southport Community Fire Station. Photo supplied by Watch Manager Dave Shanahan.

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