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Six fire appliances were sent to tackle a fire involving tonnes of plastic in Wirral.
Our Service was called on a Thursday evening to Riverbank Road, near Stadium Road, Bromborough, after people in a number of places in Merseyside reported seeing smoke at the location.
Fire appliances from Bromborough, Birkenhead, Wallasey, Liverpool City Centre, Toxteth, Aintree and Old Swan attended the scene to tackle the fire.
Six fire appliances and an aerial appliance, called a Combined Pump Ladder (CPL), which has a platform on an extendable arm to put water onto fires from above roof height, were sent to the scene on June 11. The Service’s Command Support Unit also attended the scene.
Our Service Fire Control room received 60 calls about the fire after they were first contacted at 6.43pm on Thursday, June 11.
By 10pm on June 11 the fire had been brought under control and six fire appliances were still at the scene.
An investigation into the cause of the fire has found the suspected cause of the fire was deliberate.
Around 200 tonnes of plastics were damaged by fire. Facia and a felt roof on a storage shed were also severely damaged by fire and a storage tank at the site was damaged by heat.
By 11.28pm on June 11 firefighters were carrying out damping down operations.
Three fire appliances were still at the scene at 7am on Friday, June 12, continuing damping down operations.
Firefighters had left the scene of the fire in Bromborough at 1.12pm on June 12, after completing their damping down operations.
Group Manager
James Berry said:
worked quickly to
ensure there was
enough water to
tackle the fire
and bring it safely under control without it spreading to any buildings in the area.
"We needed six fire appliances and an aerial appliance at the scene to make sure we had enough hoses to transport water to the fire.
"The large volumes of black smoke had reduced greatly by 10pm on June 11 following quick reactions by firefighters on scene. The fire involved plastic chippings in a yard on an industrial estate.
"Firefighters contained the fire, preventing the flames spreading to any nearby buildings.
"The pile of rubble was around 50 metres by 50 metres but the fire did not involve all of the rubble. Fires located in piles of rubble or plastic or refuse can be difficult to access and take time to make sure the fire is out and has not spread unseen in the location. Material normally has to be moved in order to access the area where the fire started or is located. This is why firefighters were on scene during the night of June 11 and this morning, June 12.
"Local residents were advised by police on June 11 to stay indoors and close doors and windows to prevent smoke from the fire entering their property."
Teenager Rescued After Quarry Fall
Fire crews from Upton and West Kirby community fire stations along with the Search and Rescue Team from Croxteth helped paramedics to rescue a teenager who had fallen in Irby Quarry.
Our Service was called at 6.44pm on Saturday, June 27, to Irby Quarry near Frankby.
Paramedics were treating the 16-year-old male at the scene when firefighters arrived.
Station Manager Richie Clarke said: “The teenager had fallen approximately 30 feet from a rock face and firefighters, working with paramedics and the Search
and Rescue Team safely recovered the teenager in a basket stretcher from the quarry to the nearest access road.
“The teenager was taken by ambulance to hospital for treatment.
“The incident was managed well by all services involved and the JESIP teachings allowed good co-location, communication and co-ordination between all to ensure the most speedy extraction. A hot debrief was carried out, allowing inter agency learning.”
Crews had left the scene just after 8pm on June 27.
Photos supplied by Station Manager Steve Gadsdon.

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