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True Winners
Watch Manager Ian Mullen, holding the Helen & Douglas House mascot, pictured with Cris Bowden, Steve Hall and Richard Eldred.
Our Service supported a group who were travelling to all 43 FA Cup winners’ football stadiums in aid of a children’s charity.
Cris Bowden, Steve Hall and Richard Eldred were aiming to use various modes of transport to visit all the football stadiums of the teams who have won the FA cup.
As part of their “FA Cup By Any Means” fundraiser they travelled from Everton FC’s Goodison Stadium to Liverpool FC’s Anfield Stadium on Segway vehicles.
For their journey from Anfield Stadium to Lime Street Station, our Service agreed to give them a lift in a fire appliance that was not being used for emergencies.
Watch Manger Ian Mullen volunteered his services as driver and the event raised money for the group’s local children’s hospice Helen & Douglas House, which is based in Oxfordshire. It provides care and support for children and young adults with life-shortening illnesses.
Pallet Blaze
Firefighters tackled a blaze involving pallets in a yard in Liverpool which produced so much smoke it could be seen by people in Wirral.
In total eight fire appliances were directly involved in tackling the fire. There were a number of other support appliances and the Incident Command Support Unit also sent to the scene.
Water was also used from Clarence Dock to help tackle the flames.
Our Service was called at 5.44pm on June 2 to Saltney Street, near Regent Road, Liverpool, and our Fire Control received more than 40 calls about the fire.
By 7.44pm the incident was being scaled down and by 8.30pm five fire appliances were at the scene. At 10.07pm three main jets were in use at the scene cooling cylinders which had been in close proximity to the fire.
Firefighters checked and monitored cylinders, which were in close proximity to the fire on June 2, during the morning of
June 3. Firefighters had left the scene by 6.59am on June 3 after completing their monitoring of a cylinder.
Group Manager Dean Bolton said: “This fire involved a large quantity of plastic pallets and plastics in a yard. A large amount of smoke was produced by the fire and firefighters worked hard at the scene to contain the fire.
“Due to the quick response of firefighters to the scene, and their knowledge of the area, they were able to maximise the water supply to tackle this fire using water from the adjacent dock.
“We needed this number of fire appliances at the scene to ensure we could get enough water onto this fire as quickly as we could and to prevent further fire spread. A number of cylinders were located in close proximity to the fire and these were constantly cooled. This prevented these cylinders becoming involved in the fire. No cylinders were involved directly in this fire.”
Photo by Lyndsay Young.

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