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Toxteth Prince’s Trust Team who held a cake sale at Service Headquarters. Photo supplied by Alison Caulfield.
Young people from the Prince’s Trust Team programme run by our Service held a cake sale at our Headquarters to raise funds for a community project.
The Toxteth Prince’s Trust Team is creating a sensory garden with flowers and herbs, plus barbecue area, for disabled children who go to CalderKids Adventure Playground near Calderstones Park. This work is part of the 12-week Prince’s Trust Team Programme that our Service delivers for young people aged 16 to 24.
Alison Caulfield, Team Leader for the Toxteth group, said:
“The Toxteth Prince’s Trust Team would like to thank all the staff who kindly bought cakes and gave donations during the team's fundraising cake sale on May 28.
A total of £140 was raised to support the team’s
community project that they are carrying out during two weeks in June.
“Thanks again to everyone for all their help and support.”
There are nine young adults aged 20 to 23-years-old on the current Toxteth Prince’s Trust Team.
The Team have raised a total of £423 for the community project, with £282 also being raised during bag packing at Tesco Park Road in Toxteth. Barclays have also donated £100 to each of the MF&RS Prince’s Trust community projects. All funds raised will be spent on materials for the project such as tools, compost, bark chippings, paint and lots of plants, flowers and herbs.
Photos from the community project will be published in Hot News later this year.
Man Rescued From Flat
A man was rescued from a flat after a pan of food caught fire.
Our Service was called at 10.28pm on Sunday, May 31, to a three-storey building in Lorne Road, Birkenhead.
The fire was extinguished by 10.47pm and firefighters ventilated the flat to clear it of smoke.
Watch Manager Andy Blythe, who attended the call-out with Red Watch firefighters from Birkenhead, said: “Firefighters forced entry to a flat and rescued a man who was given oxygen at the scene by paramedics. Smoke alarms were fitted and activated, which alerted neighbours.
“The fire involved a pan of food. In line with our general fire safety advice, we advise people not to leave food cooking unattended. Fires involving food
being cooked can produce a lot of smoke that can lead people to become disorientated in their own homes.
“We also urge people to plan escape routes from their homes, should a fire break out, whatever the time, day or night.
“We advise people to also make sure that people living or staying with them in their homes also know how to escape if a fire were to start.”
The man was taken by ambulance to hospital for checks.
The food in the pan was severely damaged by fire. There was also some light smoke damage to the lounge and the kitchen of the property.
A fire appliance from Birkenhead, one from Wallasey and one from Upton attended the call-out.

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