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Firefighters helped rescue a 32-year-old horse with severe arthritis after she fell in a barn in Thornton Hough, Wirral.
Claudia, a rescue horse at horse and pony sanctuary Horse Sense Wirral, was unable to get back on all fours after she slipped and fell on her side overnight.
Firefighters from Heswall Community Fire Station and the Search and Rescue Team used long slings to help her to her feet, assisting volunteers at the charity and local vets who also attended the scene.
Watch Manager Des McDonald said: “Upon arrival we found Claudia lying on her side on a slight slope with her legs pointing up the slope.
“After liaising with the vet, who had given her a mild sedative, the crew used long straps attached to her legs to roll her on to level ground, which gave her more chance of lifting herself.
“Using a bridle the vet attempted to assist her up, but this sadly led to another fall and she landed in an even worse position.
“SRT then decided to use their long slings to help her up.
We then managed to get her on the level in the hay so that she
Firefighters liaised with partner agencies at the incident to make the scene secure.
wall collapse at lime Street Station causes chaos for commuters
would have more purchase on the ground while attempting to get up.
“Claudia was given a rest and then the vet made a successful attempt to encourage her up using the bridle. A quick check over, more nibbles and she was led out in to the field to get over her ordeal.”
SM Sean McGuinness said: “The crews did a great job of moving the horse into a better position so as she could get up, using specialist kit that the SRT carry. MFRS staff, volunteers at the charity and vets all worked really well together to achieve a positive outcome.”
Amy Pirie, chair of Horse Sense Wirral, said: “We would like to express our utter gratitude to Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service for helping Claudia. I can’t speak highly enough of the crews who attended.
“It took more than two hours of pure manpower to get her to her feet, with vets, Firefighters and our volunteers all working together.”
To find out more about Horse Sense Wirral, or to donate to the charity, visit
Firefighters were called to Liverpool Lime Street Station after a section of trackside wall dramatically collapsed causing three trains to be evacuated.
Five appliances attended the scene, including the Search and Rescue Team, along with Network Rail, Merseyside Police, British Transport Police and Liverpool City Council.
The collapse, which occurred approximately a quarter of a mile from Edge Hill station, sent rubble across four railway lines and caused overhead wires to fall in to the debris.
Heavy rainfall had caused partial collapse of the wall leaving five containers in an unsafe position.
The containers, each holding many tonnes of material, had been stacked by a third party on elevated land beside the collapsed section of wall.
Three trains were evacuated at the scene but there were no reports of any injuries.
Firefighters liaised with partner agencies and assisted in making the area secure. They remained at the incident for around three hours and 45 minutes.
All services between Lime Street and Manchester, Warrington and Wigan were significantly impacted by the collapse for several days.
Crews help Claudia on to all fours.
Claudia was back on her feet in no time.

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