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Firefighters carried out a search and rescue operation inside the building.
High-rise training tests emergency response drill
Firefighters carried out a training exercise at Brackendale, a high-rise development belonging to housing provider Magenta Living, in Woodchurch, Birkenhead.
Crews used an empty flat on the twelfth floor to test firefighting equipment and procedures in a mock emergency situation.
Firefighters set up standpipes from fire hydrants outside the building, identified a ‘bridgehead’, or safe position, from which
to fight a fire, connected hoses to a dry riser and then donned breathing apparatus to perform a search and rescue operation.
Watch Manager Chris Hughes said: “Planning for high-rise incidents is extremely important because of the risks and challenges associated with them.
“The training exercise at Brackendale helped us feel even more equipped to deal with an emergency at this site if the worst should happen.”
Denny Beacham, Health and Safety Manager at Magenta Living said: “Magenta Living continues to work in partnership with MFRS to promote and improve fire safety in our homes.
“By giving access to our tallest properties we can ensure a faster response in the event of an actual emergency, while reducing the risk of harm to our residents and attending fire crews.”
Firefighters are now hoping to visit other Magenta Living properties to offer fire safety advice and test emergency response action plans.
Fire crews from St Helens, Kirkby, Aintree and Kirkdale Community Fire Stations took part in a tactical exercise at glass manufacturer Pilkington’s in St Helens.
One of the largest glass manufacturers in England, Pilkington’s Greengate site produces around 180,000 tonnes of glass per year using a traditional float glass process.
Firefighters take
part in chemical
spill exercise
The exercise at the site took the form of an industrial accident scenario, with crews working to decontaminate and contain a spillage from a ruptured drum containing hydrofluoric acid.
They were also required to rescue a casualty that had been exposed to the spillage.
After putting initial decontamination measures in place, crews in gas-tight suits entered the hazard zone to rescue the casualty and seal the drum in environmental protection equipment.
Watch Manager Ged Knock said: “This exercise was designed to assess our operational response to an incident at a large industrial site in real time, and gave us chance to compare our procedures against the measures and equipment on site.
“The exercise was conducted successfully and debriefs were carried out afterwards. It helped strengthen relationships with the site management team and will pave the way for future exercises.”
Station Manager Franny Hill said: “The exercise was of real worth to both MFRS and Pilkington’s. We will be arranging a number of future exercises to test our operational response to such incidents.”
The training exercise at Brackendale tested crews’ response to a high-rise emergency.
Firefighters in gas-tight suits seal the ruptured drum.
Crews worked together to decontaminate and contain the spillage.

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