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After a very impressive demonstration of their newly acquired skills at the Passing Out parade in February, our newest Firefighters are now operational and working out of Aintree and Kensington. Over the next few months they will be working at locations across the Service as they develop their experience through exposure to the many operational risks across Merseyside.
Our next recruitment process is
already underway and attracted
several thousand applicants.
The 2017 recruit course is
scheduled to commence in September so our Recruitment Team now has the difficult task of selecting 16 Firefighters from what will be a very competitive recruitment process.
The variety of incidents covered in this edition is extensive. Many of you will have attended the fire at EMR in Bootle, the fourth such incident at the location in the last 18 months. As a Service we always endeavour to learn lessons from every incident we attend. At this latest incident, as a result of pre-planning arising from post-incident debriefs from the previous three incidents, we utilised a relief strategy that had all appliances released from the incident on the first changeover by just after 1000hrs. The High Volume Pump was also utilised to particularly good effect and allowed us to release a number of appliances from the incident.
As always I was very proud to attend the Long Service, Good Conduct and Bravery Awards, honouring not only long service but also acts of bravery and meritorious service demonstrated by Firefighters, Service staff and members of the public.
Awards included the Bronze Medal and Parchment of the Liverpool Shipwreck and Humane Society, the Chief Fire Officer’s Watch Commendation and the Certificate of Meritorious Action. The event was held at Aintree Racecourse which is a fitting venue for such an important occasion and I was delighted to see so many family members accompany our staff when receiving their awards.
On March 31 the Fire and Rescue Service National Coordination Centre function
for the operational management of National Resilience assets transitioned to Merseyside Fire Control from London Fire Brigade. Fire Control staff undertook training during February and March to ensure a smooth transition to the new arrangements. On March 27 a delegation from the Home Office attended Fire Control to observe Exercise Transition which tested the response to three concurrent incidents requiring the mobilisation of a significant number of assets from each of the National Resilience capabilities. Suffice to say the performance of our Fire Control staff was exemplary.
On April 1 we took responsibility for the delivery of National Resilience training. At the same time we took on the responsibility for the contract for all of the National Resilience fleet.
It is testament to the professionalism of you all that we have been entrusted to take on these critical functions on behalf of the Home Office and you should all be very proud of our status as Lead Authority for all aspects of National Resilience.
Dan Stephens
Chief Fire Officer

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