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Meet our Authority members
Each edition we will be profiling members of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority to help you get to know them better. This month it’s the turn of Wirral Councillor Brian Kenny to step in to the spotlight.
How long have you been a Councillor and when were you appointed to MFRA?
I was first elected as a Councillor in Wirral in 2006. I was appointed to MFRA in May 2016.
What motivated you to become a Councillor Q and what do you find most rewarding about
the role?
Q What hobbies and interests do you have
outside of your MFRA and Councillor roles?
I am proud to be an Everton season ticket holder, as I have been for the last 54 years, even though it is not easy being a ‘blue-nose!’
I am a big music fan, particularly of ‘The Boss’, Bruce Springsteen, who I have seen live 96 times around the world.
I was motivated to become a Councillor as
I had been a full-time Trade Union Officer for the Communication Workers Union since
February 1971 and I felt I should become involved in helping to improve local communities in Wirral, and Merseyside in general. The most rewarding aspect of being a Councillor is getting directly involved in issues of importance to local residents, and helping them to bring about improvements to their lives.
Why did you want to be on Merseyside Fire & Rescue Authority?
I wanted to become a member of MFRA as I was very impressed with the work done by the Fire Authority and I felt I could, and
should, contribute something positive to their crucial work.
Since being appointed to MFRA what involvement have you had and what have you enjoyed the most?
I have enjoyed every minute of my involvement with MFRA. There is a tremendous friendly, can-do attitude from everyone I have dealt
with, which is brilliant. Apart from the formal meetings, including the main Authority meetings and Safety and Protection meetings, I particularly enjoy the visits to various fire stations - meeting staff and new recruits and listening to their views. I also try to get along to as many Prince’s Trust events as possible, where it is fantastic to hear the young people talking about how they have often turned their lives around through their involvement with MFRA.
What does a typical day in your life look like?
A typical day in my life starts with dealing with emails, handling residents’ issues and attending various meetings. I constantly keep
up-to-date with phone calls, before ending the day dealing with further
emails. I always use
every opportunity to
promote the fantastic work done by MFRA, especially the way its staff do so much great work in the community at large. It is a privilege for me to be involved, and
I am very grateful for
the opportunity.
To find out more about Councillor Kenny visit:
Brian Kenny is Labour Councillor for Bidston and St James Ward, Wirral. He can be contacted on 0151 638 5488 or at

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