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There is also a section which focusses on issues such as smoking, alcohol, healthy eating, weight and exercise.
Mark Rowe, Brigade Secretary for the FBU, said: “After using Puffell I found it to be a reliable and accurate way to keep track of my diet, and useful in setting up and
achieving goals for increased fitness.”
Puffell is now available for you to access at
For further information email:
Focus On Fatigue
The Health and Safety team at MFRS will be running monthly safety campaigns throughout 2016, the first of which will focus on managing fatigue in the workplace.
More than 3.5million people are employed as shift workers in the UK across a range of different industries, including the emergency services.
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service has become the first fire and rescue service in England to launch a dedicated health and wellbeing platform for staff.
Puffell, which has been built in consultation with over 60 MFRS staff, is a bespoke service based on users’ own personal needs and goals.
Accessed via our network, it is
designed to promote well-being and self-care and help staff improve their health by using special ‘decks’ to set their own targets.
The platform is completely free and aimed at supporting staff by encouraging them to think about their health, lifestyle and mental well-being.
Fatigue is generally considered to be a decline in mental and / or physical performance that results from prolonged
exertion, sleep loss or disruption of our internal clock – and it can be very dangerous.
Rob Eedle, Health & Safety Technical Officer at MFRS, said: “Fatigue needs to be
managed like any other hazard.
“To help staff have a better understanding of fatigue, the Health &
Safety Team has produced a short education module which can be found on
the H&S Portal page.
“There is helpful information for day staff, as well as for operational staff
who work shifts, on how to best manage fatigue.” HOTNEWS

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