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Firefighters were called to rescue a woman from mudflats near The Ferry pub in Egremont, Wirral, in January.
One fire engine from Wallasey Community Fire Station, another from Birkenhead Community Fire Station and the Search and Rescue Team attended the scene, together with the Marine Fire 1 rescue boat.
A woman became stranded about 10 metres from the shore after she waded out to retrieve her dog, who had run out on to the mudflats.
Station Manager Barry Moore said: “The woman waded out on to the mud after her dog and became stuck up to her lower legs.
"She was very calm and firefighters used salvage sheets to reach her before physically helping her to safety.
“We helped her get clean and warm and she was given a precautionary check by Paramedics. Thankfully she was found to be unharmed and suffering no ill effects.
“Her dog was able to safely make its own way back to shore.
“The river is an extremely dangerous environment, even on low tide.
“Conditions change rapidly, both underfoot and with the varied water levels, so people can find themselves in a hazardous position with little warning.”
She called Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service who used salvage sheets to help her to safety.
The woman was checked by Paramedics at the scene but found to be suffering no injuries or ill effects. Her dog returned to safety of its own accord.
Firefighters were at the incident for around 40 minutes.
Building Collapse in Southport
Firefighters were called to Liverpool Road in Southport in February after the gable end wall of a first-floor flat partly collapsed.
Two fire engines from Southport Community Fire Station attended the scene, together with the Search and Rescue Team.
Firefighters checked the scene and adjacent properties and found no-one trapped or injured. They cordoned off the area.
Crews liaised with Merseyside Police and handed the incident over to the local authority. Firefighters remained at the scene for around an hour and 25 minutes.
Firefighters used salvage sheets to bring the stranded woman to safety.
The partly-collapsed gable end wall of the flat.

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