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Watch Manager Eddie Parry visited three schools in Wirral to give them a creative lesson in fire safety. See page 13.
Operational Incidents
Meet the New Team
Going The Extra Mile For Charity Tall Tail - Horse Says Thank You Crew Swoops To Rescue Hawk Apprentices Begin Training Flood Response
Tweets From The Street
The Art of Safety
Badge Of Honour
Class of 2015
Well Well Well
Operational Incidents
The Final Word
Cover Stars:
Pictured on our front cover this month are Firefighter Simon Radcliffe, Watch Manager Tony Harland, Watch Manager Jimmy Murray, Firefighter Eric Atherton, Firefighter Dave Hewson, Firefighter Matt Smith and Firefighter James Simpson who all received their Long Service and Good Conduct Medals in February.
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It’s all change here at Hot News as we have a completely new editorial team. We’ve been away a bit longer than usual as we have been getting up to speed on all things MFRS (see page 5). There are some great stories in this magazine and we hope to feature a lot more in future editions, providing a good balance across the Service.
If you have any interesting stories to share, tell us, and if you can get some good quality photos even better. If you have any queries or need any press or communications advice, please contact me or Sophie Corless, Communications Officer.
Andy Highton, Editor 0151 296 4417 or email:
Meet our new Community Safety Apprentices.
See Page 9.
How did we help this hawk? See Page 8.

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