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sprinkler Project
Our Service is working with premises owners,
to retro-fit sprinkler systems to a number of large or complex buildings where people are living or
Station Manager Andy Groom said: “A particular focus for this whole project is on those groups in society who are at greater risk should a fire occur.
“We are promoting the use of sprinklers in businesses, commercial and residential buildings for a number of reasons. Firstly, they suppress
fires and contain them, which helps us when firefighters and crews arrive on scene and contributes towards their safety. They also limit
fire spread, protect occupants and reduce fire damage to businesses, helping owners get back to normal quickly.
“Any organisation who wants to take part in this project, where grant funding may be available, can contact us on .”
The Chair of the Fire Authority said: “The signs are there to not only dispel myths but also to promote the benefits of sprinklers to people, businesses and sprinklers provide a range of benefits including environmental ones and, if more widely used, could potentially save millions of pounds for our economy.
“The signs to help highlight the impact and benefits of sprinklers were made possible thanks to the help of Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH).”
The work to install the sprinklers in Marwood Towers is a partnership between Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service and Liverpool Mutual Homes and will start in Spring 2016.
New signs highlighting the benefits of sprinklers have been placed around the re-development site of one of the most prominent buildings on Scotland Road, one of the main routes in to Liverpool city centre.
Marwood Towers is being fitted with sprinklers as part of a project to help to protect people in Merseyside and the signs have been erected on Scotland Road and Great Homer Street to promote the message that “Sprinklers Save Lives” and to provide facts and dispel some myths about sprinklers.
Marwood Towers is being developed by Liverpool Mutual Homes (LMH). The sprinklers will be fitted to help to protect 57 flats in the 15-storey high risk block and 24 new-build low rise apartments.
Chair of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority Councillor Dave Hanratty launched the new signs with Station Manager Andy Groom.
Staff from the Prince’s Trust and a youth advocate at our Service decided to “Make Some Noise” to raise awareness of children’s charities.
Prince’s Trust team leaders Sandra Parry and Scott Iliffe, along with Youth Advocate James Vernon decided to back Global Radios “Make Some Noise” campaign by ringing the bell of a vintage fire appliance at the Heritage and Education Centre.
The campaign urges people to make a noise and raise awareness of children’s charities in the community.
Sandra said: “We heard about the campaign on the radio and thought it would be nice for us to get involved in that.
“It’s an idea we support because as the Prince’s Trust we support young people.”
The Prince’s Trust was also set to carry out a bag pack in October and were hoping to donate some of the proceeds to a local children’s charity.
Chair of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority Councillor Dave Hanratty with Station Manager Andy Groom. Photo: Karl Mansfield.
Prince’s Trust team leaders Sandra Parry and Scott Iliffe, along with MF&RS Youth Advocate James Vernon, making some noise to raise awareness for charity by ringing the bell of a vintage appliance at the Heritage and Education Centre. Photo by Lyndsay Young.

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