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Firefighters were called out to a fire involving 12 wheelie bins in Wavertree.
Our Service attended Macdonald Street at 7.40am on Saturday, October 24.
The fire involved 12 wheelie bins in an alleyway and it is suspected that the fire was started deliberately. The fire spread to a rear gate and windows of nearby properties.
Two fire appliances were called out and firefighters were at the scene for around half an hour.
Watch Manager Ian Mullen, MF&RS Arson Reduction Co-ordinator, said: “Fires involving wheelie bins can very easily spread to properties, posing a danger to residents.
“We work closely with the police to identify those responsible for setting fires and if caught, they will be prosecuted.
“If a fire appliance is called out to a deliberate wheelie bin fire, it may delay the response to another emergency.
“People are urged to ensure they only put wheelie bins out on the day of collection and that they bring them in immediately after the rubbish has been collected.
“Wheelie bins should be stored away from windows and doors. Where possible they should be locked away.”
Chemical Leak From Drum
A wheelie bin damaged by fire.
Firefighters were called to a leak of a chemical from a drum at a business site.
Our Service was called to a site on Lower Road, Halewood.
As a precaution, people in the area were advised to keep doors and windows closed and to avoid roads in the area due to road closures.
“Firefighters applied appropriate procedures to ensure any further impact from the spill was minimised. Firefighters worked with other agencies at the site to carry out tests that showed none of the chemical had left the site.
“Call-outs to incidents involving chemicals can take time to be resolved and I would like to thank the public for their patience.”
Six fire appliances and support units were sent to the scene on October 11 after an initial call at 4.19pm.
There were no reports of any injuries at the site. Firefighters handed over to site staff at Pentagon Fine Chemicals.
Fire appliances had left the scene by around 8.40pm.
Area Manager Nick Searle said: “We have a pre-determined response to reports such as this and that is why a number of fire appliances were sent to the site as a precaution.
“There was a leak from a drum on site inside a structure and firefighters worked with onsite staff at the scene.
"Firefighters placed the ruptured drum inside another container and dealt with the spillage.

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