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John Rimmer and his Labrador after they were rescued by the Marine Rescue Unit. Photo supplied by Team Leader Ian Kay from our Service’s Marine Rescue Unit.
Our Service was called at 11.36am on a Wednesday and our Service’s Marine Rescue Unit and firefighters responded to the call-out.
Station Manager Sean McGuinness said: “It appears that the man was walking his dog in the area around Wallasey town hall when the dog chased a ball and entered the river. Due to the strong tide at the time, the dog was swept away and the owner ran along the shoreline to get ahead of the dog. The man then entered the water.
“The Marine Rescue Unit launched their boat, Marine Fire One, and rescued the man and dog, who were found clinging to the sea wall.
“Although on this occasion there was a good outcome, this man could have been swept away and killed by the fast flowing water. Water temperatures are also very cold at this time of the year. We urge people not to enter the River Mersey or other deep water to rescue pets as they can easily be swept away.”
John Rimmer and the two-year-old Labrador dog had been located and rescued by 11.48am.
The man and the dog, who were found near Seacombe ferry terminal, were safely returned to the Pier Head. The man was given a precautionary check by a paramedic. Both the man and the dog were unharmed. The call-out was on September 30.
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A man and dog were rescued from the River Mersey by the Marine Rescue Unit.
Commendation After Rescue
A man has accepted his Chief Fire Officer’s Commendation after a rescue he carried out almost 18 years ago.
Colin Eedle was presented with the commendation after rescuing a one-year-old child from a house fire in East Millwood Road and the attempted rescue of a woman from the property.
Our Service was called out to the fire in the early hours of February 29, 1988.
Before the arrival of firefighters Colin Eedle had raced from the house opposite and rescued a one-year-old boy from the property. He also attempted to rescue a woman from the property. Sadly, the woman died in the incident.
He was awarded the Chief Fire Officer’s Commendation at the time but never came forward to collect it.
Throughout the journey there were also discussions about access to assistive technologies that support the visually impaired, with the aim of developing a number of packages to aid teaching and learning.
Watch Manager Cuthel and Sue Coker, information assistant in the Strategy and Performance team, managed to find the original incident and organise for the presentation of the Commendation.
Mr Eedle was invited to Old Swan Community Fire Station, where he was given a tour of the site accompanied by his family and was presented with the commendation
by Watch Manager Cuthel.
Mr Eedle said: “It’s been a long time. I did this for my late mum really. She had always wanted me to go and collect it but I never did.
“I just wish the best for the boy and also the little girl who was in the house. I hope they lived a happy life.”
Watch Manager Cuthel said: “When we carried out the Home fire Safety Check, Colin mentioned the incident and that he had never collected the
“It was a privilege to follow this up and present the Commendation to Colin for his actions on the day.”
Photo by Lyndsay Young.
Watch Manager Andy Cuthel presenting the Chief Fire Officer’s Commendation to Colin Eedle, pictured with Colin’s family, firefighters from Old Swan Community Fire Station and staff. Photo by Lyndsay Young.

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