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Two Croxteth Fire Cadets have taken part in a commemorative journey to Ypres in Belgium.
Dignitaries at the event in Liverpool One.
St Vincent’s School, a specialist school for sensory impairment and other needs, arranged the trip to
mark the 100th anniversary of the first gas attacks of 1915, from which many of the sight loss charities that exist today were founded.
Young, visually impaired pupils, police cadets, fire cadets, sighted pupils from All Saints Primary School, poetry readers, missionaries and representatives from Blind Veterans UK and The Royal National Institute for the Blind all took part.
The journey started with a formal ceremony in the Dome at Liverpool One, where a number of dignitaries presented young people with wreaths to lay in Ypres.
The tour included visits to numerous cemeteries, museums, memorials and Peace Parks – Menin Gate, Tyne Cot, Passchendale, Zonnebeke, to name but a few.
In addition, throughout the journey, many visually impairment access to technologies were discussed and explored - with the aim of developing a number of packages to aid visually impaired teaching and learning.
The highlight of the tour was the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate,
in which the Fire Cadets were
asked to lay a poppy wreath
from our Service to remember the fallen.
This was planned months in advance and was not disclosed until moments before, so it was a huge surprise to the fire cadets, police cadets and blind veterans, who each laid a wreath on behalf of their service.
Fire Cadet Co-ordinator Suzy Tosi said: “It was an absolute honour to take part in such an historic and incredible event. It was very humbling and overwhelming.”
Fire Cadets Callum Duggan and James Campbell have been in Croxteth Cadets for four years. They have both just turned 18, so will be transitioning to fire cadet volunteer instructors over the next couple of months.
Cadet Callum Duggan said: “I have had an absolute amazing experience on this trip and I have enjoyed getting to meet new people, especially the young people of St Vincent's and All Saints schools.”
Cadet James Campbell said: “From this trip I have learned to appreciate everything that I have and most importantly have learnt that we ‘Never shall we forget’.”
The visit took place between October 3 and October 6.
Our Service plans to open a Fire Cadet unit at St Vincent’s School in April 2016 and in the meantime will continue to develop a strong partnership with the school to develop social inclusion and enhance education and engagement.
Croxteth Fire Cadets has been running for eight years. The aim of the Fire Cadets is to enable young people
to gain skills, knowledge and positive experiences in a fun, safe and secure environment, whilst developing life
skills and inspiring young people to make positive life choices about their futures.
There is currently one fire cadet unit at Croxteth Community Fire Station, with other units due to open shortly
at St Helens Community Fire Station in Parr Stocks Road, St Helens, Wallasey Community Fire Station in
the Wirral, Bootle and Netherton Community Fire Station in Sefton.
Photos supplied by Fire Cadet Co-ordinator Suzy Tosi.
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan presenting a wreath from our Service to Croxteth Fire Cadets Callum Duggan and James Campbell.

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