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Apprentices and staff at our Service have helped to raise funds for North West Air Ambulance Service.
Prevention team apprentices joined North West Air Ambulance staff during a street collection in Liverpool.
Ellie Williams, a Community Safety Advisor Apprentice, in Liverpool South, also organised a cake sale at Service Headquarters along with Jean Crimmins, Corporate Information Sharing Officer.
They baked cakes for the event and raised more than £185.
Our Service is developing new Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs) and training for Firefighters aligned to the National Operational Guidance Programme (NOGP).
The programme aims to produce best practice operational guidance developed by experts from Fire and Rescue Services in the UK and beyond.
It is designed to support the development of local operational policies and procedures, covering hazards at incidents as well as control measures that can be used to manage hazards.
The NOGP is a collaboration between the Local Government Association and the Chief Fire Officers Association and is facilitated at London Fire Brigade.
The guidance uses a range of resources including previous guidance, knowledge of hazards at incidents, lessons learned from call-outs attended and knowledge
from a range of experts. It can be viewed on the website
Our Service has started training as part of the implementation process, regarding the new suite of SOPs and methodology.
Phase one of the training also includes knowledge about building construction when firefighting in a built environment. This will be supported by a number of LearnPro packages.
Further training and guidance will be delivered shortly.
Station Manager Brian Massie, of the Operational Procedure Review Team, said: “We are developing a
new suite of SOPs aligned to the National Operational Guidance Programme to enable Incident Commanders to identify safe systems of work for foreseeable situations.
“The ability to identify hazards and select suitable control measures in the application of safe systems of work, should support Incident Commanders to apply operational discretion if necessary.
“We are collaborating with our Fire and Rescue Service regional partners to complete the suite of SOPs using a common template, promoting interoperability and value for money.”
For more information email the Operational Procedure Review Team at: operationalprocedurereviewteam
The apprentices taking part in the street collection in Liverpool. Photo supplied by Ellie Williams.
Cakes baked by Ellie Williams for the sale at Service Headquarters. Photo supplied by Ellie Williams.
Station Manager Dave Foulkes, Watch Manager Andy Burton and Station Manager Brian Massie who are part of the Operational Procedure Review Team.
Photo by Lyndsay Young.

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