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omes visited
Following the incident a reassurance
campaign was held in Aigburth on Monday, October
26 during which around 400 leaflets were delivered and
58 Home Fire Safety Checks were carried out.
During the campaign firefighters and
staff gave advice to people about fire safety when using candles
and highlighted the importance of having working smoke alarms.
Group Manager Gary Oakford said: “During the campaigns our firefighters and staff offered important fire safety advice around smoking and the use of candles to help prevent future fires.
“A smoke alarm can give the valuable early warning to a fire. People were urged to ensure they have smoke alarms fitted on each level of their home and to test them every week.”
Advice On Smoking
A fire safety campaign was held following a serious fire in St Helens after which a man died.
During the reassurance campaign, fire safety leaflets were delivered to 350 homes and firefighters along with fire prevention staff carried out 77 Home Fire Safety Checks.
It followed a serious fire at a house on Lingmell Avenue in St Helens on September 26.
Our Service was called out to the property at 6.30am. Firefighters entered the house wearing breathing apparatus, quickly located a man inside and tackled the fire.
The man was brought out of the property but sadly died.
A member of the public called the Fire Service after spotting flames near a window of the property.
An investigation found the suspected cause of the fire was a cigarette.
During the reassurance campaign, people were given fire safety advice on the importance of having smoke alarms fitted on each floor of their property and testing them every week.
They were also given advice around smoking and how to prevent fires.
Group Manager Gary Oakford said: “This is extremely sad that there has been a death in the St Helens area following a fire.
“It is suspected that the fire was started by a cigarette and we have therefore issued important fire safety advice around smoking to help residents prevent a serious fire in their home.”
MF&RS apprentice Jessica Lewis pictured fitting a smoke alarm during the reassurance campaign in St Helens.
Arson Reduction Advocate Kate Morris offering fire safety advice to St Helens resident Gaynor Roby during the reassurance campaign.

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