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blaze at
Firefighters tackled a large fire at Seaforth docks which lasted for four days.
Six fire appliances and two aerial units were initially deployed to a scrap metal recycling facility at Seaforth docks to tackle the large fire.
A command point was set up, the fire was divided into sectors and water supplies secured.
Firefighters worked with staff from the recycling facility during the incident to break up the remaining scrap piles with cranes and diggers. This was part of the plan to enable access to the seat of the fire from above using aerial appliances.
MFRS, and the other agencies involved, monitored air quality throughout the incident and issued advice to the public as necessary.
Great efforts were made to ensure the environment was protected as much as possible and business continuity at the site was maintained.
Fire at St Gabriel’s Convent
Firefighters were called to a fire at St Gabriel’s Convent on Church Road in Woolton, Liverpool.
Four fire engines attended the incident, which involved a 50m x 15m area of a two-storey unoccupied convent building well alight.
Crews used main branches, main jets, hose reel jets and a combined platform ladder to fight the fire.
The fire took place in an auxiliary building of the disused convent, with one wing of the building fully alight.
A second wing was partially alight however the main building was not involved in the fire.
Firefighters placed a five-metre cordon around the building and an external survey of the building was completed by a local authority building surveyor.
Crews extinguished the fire and dampened down the area before searching for areas of heat.
Firefighters remained on scene, on relief, for approximately eight hours.
No-one was hurt.
The cause of the fire is unknown as incident investigators were unable to access the building due to concerns over its structural safety.
St Gabriel’s Covent was badly damaged in the fire
Firefighters rescued a woman and two children from a house fire in Kirkby. All three suffered slight smoke inhalation.

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