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A rescue dog adopted from Cyprus was brought to safety by Firefighters after she became stranded on an island in a pond in Bebington, Wirral.
Lucy, a two-year-old mixed-breed spaniel, ran in to difficulty while out on a walk with owner Helen Lambert in an area of parkland on Stanton Road in Bebington.
After running to the water’s edge for a drink Lucy, who was adopted from Jodie’s Cyprus Dogs Rehoming sanctuary in January and flown to the UK via Paris, fell in and swam to an island of reeds in the middle of the pond for safety.
Despite Helen’s pleas to return, Lucy could not be coaxed back across the water and, after two hours of Lucy being stranded, Helen eventually called Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service to help.
One fire engine arrived at the parkland and Firefighters wearing water suits entered the pond and encouraged Lucy in to the water, where she was able to swim back to dry land.
She was reunited with owner Helen and escaped very tired, but thankfully uninjured, from her ordeal.
Helen, who lives in Eastham, said: “Lucy is a big bundle of cuddles and fun and she likes getting up to mischief wherever she can.
“I took her for a walk and she went over to get a drink from the pond but then accidentally toppled in. She panicked and swam to the reed island in the centre but we couldn’t entice her back.
Two fires at iconic thatched pub
Firefighters were twice called to fires at the Scotch Piper pub on Southport Road in Lydiate.
On two different occasions, fire took hold of the pub’s iconic thatched roof.
Crews used the same equipment, including high pressure hose reels, main jets and combined platform ladders, to fight the fires each time.
No-one was injured at either incident, but the roof sustained significant damage.
Firefighters remained at the scene for around three hours at the first fire and seven-and-a-half hours at the second.
“We tried everything and passers-by even stopped to help. Eventually, she was so exhausted that we called the fire service.
“We are so grateful to the Firefighters who came along to help. They coaxed her in to the water and encouraged her to swim across to me.
“Luckily she wasn’t injured by her adventure and we are very grateful to have her home.”
Watch Manager Des McDonald, who attended the rescue, said:
“Lucy had been stranded for two hours when we arrived and she was very scared.
“We went in to the pond wearing water suits and encouraged her in, and then she swam to safety on her own.
“Thankfully she was uninjured and was safely reunited with her owner.”
To find out more about Jodie’s Cyprus Dog Rehoming visit:
Crews rescued a seagull chick and reunited it with its parents after it got stuck behind a stud wall in Liverpool.

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