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Supporting Safer Spaces in St Helens
This year’s Safespace campaign once again saw St Helens Council, Merseyside Police and Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service target off-road vehicle nuisance, anti-social fire setting and neighbourhood disturbances around St Helens.
Partners involved in the Safespace initiative
During the campaign, young people were able to access a range of activities through St Helens Council’s Youth Action Zone (YAZ), which aimed to divert them away from potentially harmful anti-social behaviour.
Operation Brookdale Success
Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service’s Arson Team took part in an ‘Operation Brookdale’ morning of action run by Merseyside Police in partnership with the Police and Crime Commissioner Jane Kennedy and Crimestoppers.
The campaign was set up due to the rising use of scrambler bikes by youths across Wirral and also involved other partner agencies including Wirral Borough Council’s Anti-Social Behaviour Team and Magenta Living.
The MFRS Arson Team completed 21 Home Fire Safety Checks on the Woodchurch Estate in Wirral, which has high numbers of anti-social behaviour incidents, secondary fires and youths misusing scrambler bike.
The Arson Team engaged with the community and offered information on how to anonymously report scrambler bike nuisance to Crimestoppers.
MFRS, in partnership with Merseyside Police, also launched a vehicle fire campaign to run alongside Operation Brookdale.
The campaign saw each property that had experienced theft, or an attempted theft, of a two-wheeled motor vehicle across Wirral visited initially by Merseyside Police.
A follow-up visit was then carried out by MFRS to complete a Home Fire Safety Check and to issue bike locks.
Prevention Group Manager Gary Oakford said: “Our role is to work with and support partners and key stakeholders to maximise the safety of our communities.
“In recent months the dangers of scrambler bike misuse is self-evident for all to see; they could potentially harm road users, pedestrians and the riders themselves.
“We will help support the Police and Crime Commissioner where possible in tackling this activity.”
The International Language of Football
A school in Africa now has an official sports kit thanks to a Merseyside Firefighter and Liverpool Football Club.
Earlier this year, MFRS Firefighter Steve Cummins appealed to colleagues for unwanted football kits on behalf of his niece, who has been working with the East African Playgrounds charity in Uganda.
The charity is currently building a new school and sports field for local children and needed items of kit for the children at Kogoma Primary School in Jinga, Uganda, to play in.
Firefighter Cummins received a fantastic response from MFRS staff, who generously donated to the cause.
A special contribution was made by Watch Manager Dave Cartwright, who contacted Liverpool FC and arranged for kits to be donated on his behalf.
The club’s official charity, Liverpool FC Foundation, kindly obliged and the kits have since become the uniform for the school.
Firefighter Cummins said: “The school was overwhelmed by the kits and the good will of everyone who donated, with a special thanks going to Watch Manager Dave Cartwright.
“There was a football match played immediately after the kits were received and the children were thrilled.
“It has helped make my niece’s experience in Uganda one to remember for the rest of her life.”
Future footballers wearing the kits
Firefighters released a man who got his head stuck in railings at a Liverpool city centre car park.

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