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Allied and proud at Liverpool Pride
Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Firefighters, staff and Authority members joined in the celebrations at Liverpool Pride festival this year.
The Service has supported the annual event for a number of years and the theme for this year’s Pride was ‘Liverpool Icons’.
Firefighters in uniform marched through the city centre, alongside support staff, councillors, friends, families and allies. A MFRS fire engine was also at the event.
Following on from the launch of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service’s FireProud LGBT network earlier in the year, Pride 2016 marked the launch of the Service’s FireProud Allies programme.
The scheme allows any MFRS Firefighter or support staff member who may not identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans but who believes in LGBT equality to pledge their support to LGBT colleagues and the LGBT community.
MFRS Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan, said: “Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service is fully committed to demonstrating its commitment to LGBT equality and does all it can to tackle discrimination.
“Diversity is promoted and celebrated throughout Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service and it was an honour to take part in Liverpool Pride this year.”
Equality & Diversity Manager, Wendy Kenyon, said: “Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service fully supports our LGBT staff and we work hard to create an inclusive, diverse workplace.
“This year’s Pride is the first we took part in since launching our FireProud network earlier this year, and we were delighted to have taken the opportunity to launch our FireProud Allies programme.
“62 Allies have signed up so far and we hope this number will continue to grow.”
staff survey 2016- results
Our second staff survey was carried out earlier this year as part of the Authority’s commitment to understanding the level of staff engagement.
The response rate was 51% which resulted in an engagement score of 74, an unprecedented 19% point increase on the 2014 score.
The results for all but one question in the survey had improved compared to 2014, the one point with poorer results being
‘We are good at sharing ideas to make things work better’.
This area will be reviewed over coming months to establish how improvements can be made.
The Fire Brigades Union also endorsed the survey. Brigade Chair Kevin Hughes said: “The Fire Brigades Union (FBU) are greatly encouraged by the results of the latest staff survey.
“These results acknowledge the ongoing hard work that the Service and the FBU jointly undertook in order to better engage with our staff and members.
“There is still a lot to be achieved but these results show that through hard work, meaningful dialogue and engagement good industrial relations can be achieved and that we can continue to work together to achieve a better and fairer workplace where our members can be assured that their concerns are not only being listened to but that their concerns are also visibly being acted upon.”
The greatest improvements against the 2014 survey were seen in the following areas:
I do not feel I have been bullied, harassed or discriminated against in the last 12 months – up 27 percentage points to 75%
MFRA is a better place to work than it was three years ago – up 27 percentage points to 42%
Morale in my immediate team / watch / section is generally high – up 26 percentage points to 58%
I enjoy my work – up 25 percentage points to 76%
I feel supported in my role – up 24 percentage points to 58%
Bullying, harassment and discrimination are not tolerated at MFRA – up 22 percentage points to 67%
Crews freed a dog who took shelter in the changing rooms of an abandoned toilet in Wallasey after hearing claps of thunder.

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