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Archbishop Blanch Fire Cadets
The Cadets visited Holy Trinity Church in Wavertree and were shown around the church where there is a memorial for those from the surrounding area who lost their lives during wartime.
They created a photo board which displayed photographs of the memorial along with details of the Battle of the Somme, arts and craft poppies and drawings made by the Cadets.
Bootle/Netherton Fire Cadets
The Cadets visited Thornton Garden of Rest Cemetery in Thornton to take pictures of the war graves and lay wooden poppies.
Their activities were recorded and staff will now produce a video for MFRS, Fire Cadets and the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to use.
St Helens Fire Cadets
Cadets visited Christ Church Cemetery in Eccleston where they researched a number of gravestones and took pictures for a photo board which will be presented to crews at Eccleston Community Fire Station.
Wallasey Fire Cadets
Wallasey Cadets visited Rake Lane Cemetery in During their research staff came across a group called Wallasey on a number of occasions, taking part in ‘Friends of Rake Lane Cemetery’ who were very helpful grave rubbings. and informative.
They also researched a number of individual Cadets presented their scrapbook to the group at servicemen displayed on the gravestones. Earlston Library, who were overwhelmed with the
the Cadets had done to complete the scrapbook, together with their presentation.
Cadets then created a scrapbook containing grave
rubbings, information and photographs of individual
servicemen which they decorated with arts, crafts and A project director from Big Ideas attended the poppies. presentation and was equally delighted with the work
scrapbook and commented how pleased they were to engage with young people.
...Cadets Round-Up...Cadets Round-Up...
Marine Fire One towed a vessel to safety after it capsized in the River Mersey.

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