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A Watch Manager from our Marine Rescue Unit performed a heroic water rescue on his last day of duty after 30 years’ service at MFRS.
Steve Barrowman helmed a team tasked to assist a small inflatable dinghy that had lost power off Crosby beach with four people, including two children, on board.
Marine Fire One raced to the aid of the people, marooned offshore of Hall Road, and brought the people to safety at Liverpool.
WM Barrowman, who has since retired from service, said: “On my last day of duty at MFRS I became aware of a small inflatable dinghy in trouble with four people aboard off Crosby Beach.
“After informing Holyhead Coastguard Operations Centre, Marine Fire One launched under my command and we spotted the boat about a quarter of a mile from the water’s edge.
“The casualty vessel was in very shallow water and, with the tide ebbing away quickly, immediate action was required to prevent Marine Fire One being grounded by the receding water.
“The two adults, a 29-year-old male and a 24-year-old female, and two boys aged four and five, were quickly brought aboard our boat and their broken down vessel immediately taken in tow.
“All four were quickly assessed as being safe and well and were then provided with shelter and blankets for the return passage to Liverpool Pier Head.
“They were landed at the MFRS Marine Rescue Unit landing stage and, after they had suitably recovered from their ordeal, a taxi was arranged to take them to their departure point at Crosby Beach.
“Team members from Liverpool and Crosby Coastguard Rescue Team met them at the beach and gave them further advice.
“It was my last ever job in command of a MFRS vehicle and I was delighted that we were able to help and that the incident was successfully concluded with a safe outcome.
“It was a fitting end to my thirty years’ with the Service.”
memorial bench for Hillsborough fire ghter
MFRS Firefighters raised money for a bench in memory of a fallen Firefighter who lost his life at the Hillsborough tragedy.
Liverpool-born Francis McAllister was just 27 when he was killed at Hillsborough, the only serving Firefighter to have died at the 1989 disaster.
Having joined MFRS in 1985, the passionate Liverpool FC supporter transferred to London Fire Brigade and served at Manchester Square Fire Station and
Barbican Fire Station during his short career.
Earlier this year, on the date Francis would have turned 55 and likely retired from service, MFRS Firefighters travelled to London and joined crews from London Fire Brigade and members of Firefighter McAllister’s family in paying tribute to Francis at a formal memorial service.
The ceremony saw a bench unveiled on the river bank in Canbury Gardens, Kingston bearing an engraved plaque jointly dedicated by MFRS and London Fire Brigade.
Steve Pratley, Watch Manager at Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, raised money to buy the bench by taking part in the Liverpool Spring 10k and Run For The 96 5k race along with Francis’s cousin, Tony McAllister, who is a serving Firefighter at
Old Swan Community Fire Station in Liverpool, and Tony’s daughter, Alex.
WM Pratley said: “Firefighter Francis McAllister
was a well-loved Firefighter, colleague, friend, son and brother who tragically lost his life at one of the worst sporting tragedies of all time.
“We wanted to buy a bench in remembrance of Francis, to commemorate his memory and legacy as a respected Firefighter, family member and friend.”
MFRS Firefighter Tony McAllister said: “After a long 27-year fight for justice this finally gives the family a little bit of closure and time to celebrate Francis’s life and for what he stood for. He will always be fondly remembered and greatly missed.”
The Marine Fire Rescue Unit raced to the aid of the people marooned at sea
WM Steve Pratley and Firefighter Tony McAllister joined Francis's family and friends at the ceremony
Firefighters rescued a 62-year-old man from a kitchen fire at flats in Wallasey. He suffered severe smoke inhalation.

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