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Warning issued after e-cig sparks blaze in Wirral home
MFRS Incident Investigators warned people not to leave e-cigarettes on charge for long periods of time after a charging e-cigarette sparked a fire in a Wirral home.
Firefighters were called to a property on Norwich Drive in Upton after an unattended e-cigarette on charge caught fire.
A 32-year-old male occupier was woken by his dog and together they were able to flee their home safely before Firefighters arrived.
The man was given oxygen by Firefighters after suffering slight smoke inhalation and taken to Arrowe Park Hospital by paramedics for further checks.
Fire crews extinguished the blaze and Incident Investigators later traced the cause to the e-cigarette device, which had been left on charge in the living room overnight.
Incident investigator Jo Stephens said: “E-cigarettes are becoming increasingly popular and it’s very important that people know how to charge them safely.
“This gentleman was very lucky that this fire did not claim his life; unfortunately he suffered slight smoke inhalation and the property was damaged by fire and smoke, but things could have been a lot worse.”
18 people rescued from fire at liverpool flats
Firefighters rescued eighteen people from a fire at flats on Hampstead Road in Liverpool.
Three fire engines attended the incident, which involved a fire in the ground floor of a four-storey property.
Crews wearing breathing apparatus used a hose reel jet to extinguish the fire and then ventilated the building.
They rescued four children and led fourteen adult occupants to safety. All occupants were assessed at the scene by paramedics, with eight taken to hospital.
Firefighters searched the building for any remaining occupants but all were accounted for; they also checked neighbouring properties for fire and smoke spread.
A ground floor and first-floor hallway were entirely damaged by fire. A second-floor hallway was severely damaged by smoke and heat and a third-floor hallway sustained severe smoke damage.
A number of flats in the building were moderately damaged by smoke.
Firefighters remained at the scene for around two hours.
Firefighters were called to a property on St John’s Road in Waterloo after a mix of cleaning agents poured in to a blocked sink caused an explosion.
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Two fire engines and HAZMAT Officers were called to the property. Crews wearing breathing apparatus then ventilated the building and cordoned off the surrounding area.
A 42-year-old woman was checked at the scene by paramedics and taken to University Hospital Aintree for further checks.
Four other occupants at the property were assessed by paramedics and found to be uninjured.
Firefighters remained at the scene for around an hour-and-a-half.
The fire ravaged the living room of the Wirral property
A charging e-cigarette was found to be the cause of the fire
A mix of cleaning agents poured in to the sink caused the explosion
Firefighters assisted the RSPCA in rescuing a duckling trapped in a grid in West Kirby.

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