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Protection Compliance Manager, Karen Hughes, briefs Officers
Partnership in Prevention
MFRS Fire Protection and Prevention Officers, together with Firefighters, visited approximately 165 businesses in diverse communities across Merseyside during Business Safety Week 2016.
Specialist Fire Officers gave arson prevention advice to traders about how they can protect their businesses from deliberate fires and offered guidance on their legal responsibilities as employers.
Architectural Liaison/Crime Prevention Officers from Merseyside Police were on hand to give crime prevention advice and owners were advised about planning for emergencies in the event of a flood or fire.
Operational crews and teams of Fire Officers visited local businesses on Smithdown Road and Lodge Lane in Liverpool and spoke to owners and landlords about the benefits of business safety, specifically how it can support economic growth and provide a safe environment for employees, customers and stock.
Protection Compliance Manager, Karen Hughes, who led the community engagement campaign for MFRS said: “Fire can cause major disruption for businesses and we wanted to help owners
look at ways they can protect themselves from fire hazards.
“A fire in a commercial building can put the lives of staff and customers at risk and can damage valuable stock as well as the business premises.
“This can make it impossible for a company to continue its day-to-day work, which not only affects the organisation but also its employees, reputation, suppliers and customers.
“Business Safety Week
was a great opportunity for
us to visit diverse communities in Merseyside and offer advice and support to vendors about how they can keep their premises and their employees safe from fire.”
Southport mini campaign success
MFRS and partners delivered a mini campaign in Southport to support the Sefton Welfare Reform and Anti-Poverty Agenda.
Partners included members of Sefton Council’s Housing Standards Team and Business Intelligence Team, the Area Coordinator for Southport and Merseyside Police. MFRS staff included Sefton District Advocates, Station Managers, Watch Managers and crews.
Eastbank Street, Part Street, Talbot Street and surrounding areas were selected for the campaign. These areas were identified from MFRS’s over 65 and vulnerable adults data, merged with Sefton
Council’s data, showing the top 5% areas of the borough potentially experiencing serious financial hardship or poverty.
The aim was to complete Home Fire Safety Checks in the properties visited and to identify and reduce the risk of fires. A total of 37 HFSCs were completed, 30 leaflets posted and a quantity of carbon monoxide alarms distributed.
Partners were able to witness first-hand the work MFRS delivers to lower the risk of fires within our communities, as well as offer their own advice.
Safe Cycling Sticker Success
A new sticker designed and produced by MFRS in collaboration with the Merseyside Road Safety Partnership has been a great success.
The aim of the sticker is to alert cyclists to the dangers of passing large vehicles on the inside. Depending on the design of the vehicle, and the position of mirrors, large vehicles can have blind spots where the driver cannot see a cyclist who is close to the nearside of the vehicle.
The sticker has been placed on all appliances and large vans in the MFRS fleet and is being placed on the large vehicles of Local Authority contractors in Merseyside.
It is also being offered to business users who have large vehicles in their fleet and nearly 5000 stickers have been distributed so far, with plans to order more due to high demand.
The number of cyclists on the roads is increasing each year as people see this as a cheap form of transport or a way to keep fit. Sadly, this has contributed to an increase in the number of cyclists killed or seriously injured on the roads of Merseyside; in 2015
alone 85 cyclists were killed or seriously injured. It is hoped that the stickers will raise awareness of other road users and encourage everyone to share the road safely.
Shopkeepers in the area engaged well with the campaign
Transport Co-Ordinator for Sefton Council Mal Johnson, Principal Highways Safety Officer for Sefton Council Jean Hunt, Bank View Hire mechanic Joe Holding, MFRS Station Manager Sean McGuinness and Senior Highways Officer for Sefton Council John Toker
Crews assisted Merseyside Police in releasing two dogs trapped in a hot car in Southport.

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