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Reducing Health
A top award has been presented to our Service by Professor Sir Michael Marmot for the Service’s work with partners to reduce health inequalities.
The Marmot Partnership Status has been awarded for the work that three fire and rescue services, including Merseyside, have carried out to prevent ill health and to reduce health inequalities.
Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan and Councillor Dave Hanratty, Chair of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority, received the award on behalf of the Service.
Sir Michael also launched his book The Health Gap and the Challenge of an Unequal World at a day-long event, which included the presentation. Sir Michael’s book highlights the work of Merseyside firefighters.
A masterclass was held as part of the day, where Sir Michael Marmot answered questions from representatives from the health sector and fire and rescue services. Mel Sirotkin, Centre Director of Public Health England, North West, and Professor Margaret Whitehead, W.H. Duncan Professor of Public Health, University of Liverpool, and Inquiry Chair of Due North, also spoke at the masterclass at our Service headquarters. More than 80 people, including health professionals, attended the masterclass.
Our Service works with partners across the health sector to target vulnerable people and help to prevent fires in their home.
Left to right is Councillor Dave Hanratty, Chair of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority, Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan of Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service, Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Gary Taylor, Assistant Chief Fire Officer with West Midlands Fire Service, Simon Gibbins, Head of Protection from Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service and The Cheshire Fire Authority Chair, Councillor John Joyce. The Marmot Partnership Status awards are also shown in the photo.
Firefighters and prevention staff visit properties to carry out Home Fire Safety Checks and the work is tailored to the household circumstances.
This work has played a key role in helping to reduce preventable fire deaths and injuries in accidental dwelling fires over the past decade.
Left to right is Professor Sir Michael Marmot, Councillor Dave Hanratty, Chair of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Authority, and Deputy Chief Fire Officer Phil Garrigan.

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