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‘Stoptober’ is a campaign from NHS Smoke free which encourages smokers across England to stop smoking for 28 days during October. If smokers can stay smoke free for this time, they are five times more likely to stop for good. During Stoptober, there will be lots of support to help people quit, including Stoptober packs, text support services and an app for real time support.
From the moment you stop smoking, your body starts a recovery process. During this time you may find that you experience some nicotine withdrawal and recovery symptoms. You may still have the urge to smoke and you may feel a little restless, irritable, frustrated and tired. Some people may find they have difficulty sleeping or concentrating.
There are plenty of things you can do to manage your cravings in the meantime. Here are the top 5 tips to managing cravings:
1. Prepare for the day you quit and avoid temptation.
Choose a day to quit that is likely to be less stressful and you don’t have any smoking materials on you.
2. Download the free Smokefree app.
This can offer free mobile support wherever you are and give you expert advice. Talk to your local NHS stop smoking service, pharmacy or GP.
3. Remember why you are quitting.
• Reduce health risks. • Fresher breath.
• Extra money. • Improve smell/taste. • Improve breathing • Cleaner lungs /
and fitness. stronger heart.
4. Distract yourself when the cravings appear:
• Talk to someone such as a friend for support.
• Go for a brisk walk to clear your head and lungs.
• Stay busy.
• Drink a glass of water/juice to keep you occupied in those crucial first minutes.
• Change scene and move to another room or go outside.
5. Lastly, remember there is never “just one” cigarette.
If you find your cravings more difficult at a specific time, then change your routine to help distract yourself.
Remember, you’re changing your life by quitting. You’ll save money, improve your health and help those closest to you be healthy as well. Focusing on positives will help you to stay stopped whilst the recovery symptoms pass.
Quit for your health. Quit for your family. Quit to save money.
For further information and to find further support as mentioned in this article, please visit

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