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Glass Causes
A fire in a bedroom in Wirral is suspected to have been caused by
a magnifying glass.
Our Service was called out to a house
on Wood Heath Way in Eastham at around
12.30pm on September 17.
The fire involved a small quantity of paper on a desk and it is suspected it was caused by the
sun shining through a magnifying glass and overheating the paper.
A hard wired smoke alarm alerted a neighbour to the fire.
Watch Simon Ashton, of Bromborough Community Fire Station, who attended the call-out, said: "This was a fire involving a small quantity of paper on a desk which was ignited by the sun's rays passing through a magnifying glass.
"We would urge people to be aware that magnifying glasses and mirrors in direct sunlight may cause extreme heat that can become an ignition source for fire."
Two fire appliances attended the incident and firefighters were at the house for around half an hour.
Fire Control received more than 30 calls from the public following a car fire on Queens Drive in West Derby.
The fire broke out at around 4.10pm on Tuesday, September 15.
It is suspected the fire was caused by an electrical fault.
A fire appliance was called out and firefighters were at the scene for around 40 minutes.
Chip Pan Fire
Firefighters extinguished a fire involving a kitchen of a property.
Our Service was called at 6.24pm on Sunday, September 13, to just off Upper Warwick Street, Toxteth.
One hose jet was used to extinguish the fire which involved a chip pan.
Watch Manager Adam Peers, who attended the call-out with firefighters from Toxteth Community fire Station, said: “Fires involving chip pans or food left cooking unattended can spread quickly and unpredictably.
“Smoke alarms were present and activated, alerting people to the fire.
“A working smoke alarm gives the early warning to a fire, offering vital seconds to escape a property.
“In line with our general fire safety advice, we advise people not to leave any food cooking unattended. We also advise people that if they discover a fire, to get out of the building they are in, stay outside and await our arrival.”
Firefighters had left the scene by 6.52pm. The chip pan and its contents were severely damaged by fire. There was also mild smoke damage to around half of the kitchen.
Two fire appliances responded to the call-out.

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