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Sinking Ship
Firefighters were called after a boat sank in Albert Dock.
Crews carried out a search of the inner dock using a thermal imaging camera and lighting but no-one was found in the water.
Our Service was called at 4.32am to near Hartley Quay in the Albert Dock area and firefighters had left the scene by 5.47am.
Station Manager Ian Voce said: “Our thermal imaging cameras can detect signs of heat including body
temperature on the surface of the water as well as being able to detect signs of fires in buildings.
“Firefighters carried out a search to make sure no-one was in the water after this vessel had sunk. We also had firefighters in water rescue kit ready to enter the water if needed.”
Two fire appliances, from Liverpool City and Toxteth community fire stations, were called out along with the Search and Rescue Team.
The Albert Dock in Liverpool. Photo by Lyndsay Young.
Firefighters brought a man to safety from a car which was surrounded by flood water after our Service was called to a number of locations following heavy rainfall.
The man was brought to safety on an inflatable boat by firefighters and the Search and Rescue Team after the call-out on a Wednesday morning following rain during the night and previous day.
Watch Manager Simon Ashton, who attended the call-out with firefighters from Bromborough Community Fire Station, said: “The water was around 1.2 metres deep around the car. The water was moving quite a bit and was starting to move the car a little when we arrived. Firefighters in water rescue kit waded out to the man and the Search and Rescue Team brought a boat to bring the man to safety.
“We would advise people take care when driving after it has rained and not to enter flood water on roads as it is difficult to judge how deep the water is.”
The man who was brought to safety was unharmed.
Firefighters were at the scene in Brimstage Road, Bebington, for less than an hour.
A fire appliance from Bromborough Community Fire Station, one from Birkenhead Community Fire Station and the Search and Rescue Team attended the call-out. A fire appliance from Heswall Community Fire Station also responded to the call-out on September 2.
Firefighters also escorted two people to safety from a car in Neston Road, Thornton Hough. The water was around ankle deep when firefighters arrived at the scene after a call at 3.42pm on September 2.
Earlier on the same day, firefighters in water rescue kit entered flood water and reassured residents living in flats in Tern Way, Moreton, after a call at 11.13am. By 1.47pm the water level was around knee height in part of Tern Way.
Station Manager Mark Thomas said: “Firefighters gave advice to people in Tern Way who were affected by the flooding and assisted some people to help them evacuate some of the properties.
“We advise motorists to not enter flood water as it is difficult to judge the depth and the vehicle motorists are in could stop.”
Firefighters were also called to Greasby Road, Greasby, at 9.57am on September 2 where they helped to evacuate two people after flood water
entered their garden and part
of their property.

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