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Swap Till You Drop
A fashion swap shop at Service Headquarters raised over £160 for charity.
The event was held in the conference suites and was
orgnanised by Mary Mercer, who is the contingency
planning officer based at Headquarters. organised the swap shop,
pictured with staff who supported the event. Photo by Lyndsay Young.
“By reusing things we cut down on the amount of waste that goes into landfill and reduce the amount of resources that we use in manufacturing of new products. It also saves money.
“It was a great way to raise money for charity whilst emptying your wardrobe of those unwanted items.
“Thank you to everyone who baked, helped and attended the event.
“All the money raised went to The Fire Fighter’s Charity. I have used this fantastic resource myself and have first- hand knowledge of the support and help they give to anyone in the Fire Service or a close relative. So please
“Swap shops recognise that things no longer wanted by dig out those unwanted clothes and look out for the next someone, might be another person’s treasure. date to come along and join in the fun.”
Cannabis Farm Discovered
Staff donated clothes and exchanged them for clothing items brought in by other staff on the day.
There was also a cake sale with goods baked by members of staff.
This was the first event of this kind held at Service Headquarters and Mary hopes to hold another one before Christmas.
She said: “It was inspired by sorting out my wardrobe and realising how many clothes we ‘give away’ to charity or simply throw out.
“It was a new concept for a charity event in MF&RS. Some people came to see what it was all about. Some came just for the cake.
“Those people who did bring in clothes to swap were very happy with their new ‘purchases’.
Mary Mercer, who
Firefighters discovered a cannabis farm after a member of the public reported seeing smoke coming from a warehouse.
Our Service was called at 5.04pm on August 22 to Orwell Road, Kirkdale.
Firefighters used a high pressure hose at the scene and investigated smoke in a loft area and traced the source of the smoke.
Station Manager Alan Fletcher said: “The smoke was from electrical sockets in a warehouse which were powering the lighting and heating system for the cannabis farm.
“Electrical engineers were requested, attended the scene and isolated the electricity supply to the building. This allowed the fire to be extinguished.
"Cannabis farms can pose a great risk to members of the public and firefighters alike and quite often do not have working smoke alarms in the properties, or any means of fire detection.
“As a result of tampering with the electricity supply and tampering with the wiring installation, often by self- taught ‘experts’, the supply to the property may not be properly earthed and the cabling not secured. This could cause metal items within the property to become ‘live’, posing a risk of electrocution to members of the public
and firefighters and potential for getting tangled in the cables in heat and smoke.”
The suspected cause of the fire was an electrical fault.
A fire appliance from Kirkdale Community Fire Station and one from Liverpool City Community Fire Station attended the call-out. Firefighters had left the scene by 8.16pm.
Detective Inspector Lee Wilkinson from Liverpool CID, said: "Cannabis is not a harmless drug. It is produced and sold by serious organised crime groups and is extremely potent and can cause health problems for users, especially young people.
"Cannabis farms also pose a serious risk to other residents. This farm was discovered after MF&RS were called to a fire at the property. Quite often these farms pose a fire risk as those who have set up the cannabis farm will tamper with electricity to avoid detection, set up their own electrical systems and overload sockets. Their actions are reckless and they don't care that the lives and wellbeing of other members of the public are being put at risk.
"It is in everyone’s interests to help the police put these drugs farms out of business and this discovery shows
how farms can be hidden right in the very heart of our communities. I would urge the public to help us find
those who were responsible for setting up this cannabis farm. And I would also urge residents who think there is
a cannabis farm near to them to report it." HOTNEWS

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