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Crews carried out a variety of demonstrations which were captured live by the Crimewatch Roadshow team.
MFRS hosted both ITV and the BBC recently as we gained significant exposure on the small screen. Granada Reports spent some time interviewing staff at Birkenhead Fire Station and Fire Control and went out with Prevention Teams as they carried out Home Fire Safety Checks. The Service featured in Granada Reports over two nights in reports covering the wide range of activities the Service is involved in and the impact of cuts to the service.
The Training and Development Academy (TDA) acted as a backdrop for the BBC Crimewatch Roadshow, with a very active demonstration of
how the Service deals with removing casualties who are trapped after a road traffic collision. USAR rescue dog Belle also gave a demonstration of how she is able to seek out casualties buried under rubble. The TDA was an ideal location for the Roadshow and as Harry Bunch of the BBC Crimewatch Roadshow team said, ā€œIā€™d like to say a massive thank you to your staff, I think the show that we put on with you looked explosive in a good way and hopefully you were pleased with the results too.ā€
Well done to all those who took part.

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