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Firefighters were called to Croft Business Park in Bromborough after a car crashed in to a building.
Two fire engines and the Search and Rescue Team attended the incident on Dinsdale Road,
Crash at tyre garage
where the car had crashed in to the wall of a tyre suppliers.
Firefighters disconnected the car battery to make the vehicle safe and cordoned off the area. Officers from Merseyside Police arranged for the vehicle to be removed.
A 73-year-old woman, who was the driver of the car, and a 67-year-old male passenger were assessed at the scene by paramedics and taken to Arrowe Park Hospital for further checks. There was no structural damage to the building.
Fire crews remained at the scene for around 35 minutes.
Elderly man rescued from  oods
Firefighters rescued a 72-year-old man in
St Helens following severe flooding in the town.
Crews were called to Peasley Cross Lane following reports of a car partially submerged in flood water which was around four to five feet deep.
Three fire engines attended the incident, together with the Search and Rescue Team, and crews wearing water rescue suits used a raft to enter the water and carry a 72-year-old man from the car to dry ground.
Watch Manager Mike Costello said: “When Blue Watch Eccleston arrived the car was rapidly disappearing under flood water.
“We carried out a snatch rescue with two Firefighters tethered in water rescue suits, who carried the 72-year-old man to safety. Shortly afterwards the car became submerged and started to float.”
The man was given a precautionary check by paramedics at the scene. Merseyside Police, who also attended the incident, cordoned off the road.
Firefighters remained at the scene for around 35 minutes.
Crews made the car safe after the collision.
Pictures courtesy of Mike Dean.
Firefighters carried the man to safety.
Cars were submerged in water.

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