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Corrie,s Les visits sHQ
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Coronation Street’s Les Dennis swapped the cobbles of “They were risking their lives. They were out for 12 to 14 Weatherfield for SHQ when he visited the MFRS Heritage hours at a time, and weren’t able to extinguish all the major and Education Centre to film a BBC documentary about the fires before the next raid came in.
May Blitz of 1941.
“It was personal to them because their families lived Liverpool-born Les featured in the BBC North West nearby, it was their home.”
programme ‘May Blitz: The Seven Days that Rocked Liverpool‘ to commemorate the 75th anniversary of when Hitler’s Luftwaffe bombed the city.
The TV special also featured interviews with survivors of the bombings and other city historians.
The 62-year-old actor made a special trip to our Heritage and Education Centre to see some of the appliances and gear the full-time ‘fire bobbies’ and auxiliaries of the time used to tackle the inferno created by the World War II bombings.
He also interviewed MFRS non-executive director and historian Simon Ryan about the devastating effect of the raids and how the fire service responded despite limited resources.
Simon said: “The only place in the UK that received a week’s bombing continuously outside London was Merseyside.
“The Fire Service of that time weren’t able to cope with the volume, it was completely unprecedented. They had 50 fires going at once, which would have been classed as a major brigade call before the war.
‘May Blitz: The Seven Days that Rocked Liverpool’ can be downloaded at:
MFRS were proud to welcome a delegate of Senior Fire Officers from Norway earlier in the year.
Their visit, which was organised by Staale Fjellberg of the Norwegian Association of Fire Officers (NBLF), was to learn about the organisational changes MFRS has had to make due to the effects of financial austerity.
The seven-strong group was welcomed by Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens, who discussed our streamlining measures and the future proposed station mergers.
CFO Stephens also talked them through the structure of our Joint Control Centre (JCC), which was of particular interest to the visitors who are hoping to develop a similar system of co- location between police and fire services.
Area Manager James Berry gave a talk on developments in business and home fire safety and our Prevention and Protection Teams spoke about our collaborative work with other agencies in the community.
The group was later given a tour of the JCC and visited our Marine Fire Rescue Unit to view our water rescue resources.
Station Manager Mark Jones said: “Although their stay was brief we were able to give them lots of information, which they were pleased with. The group gave very positive feedback on their return to Norway.”
Les Dennis with the Heritage Centre team.
SM Jones with the delegates.

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