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Launch of LGBT Fireproud network
MFRS has launched a new Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender network for all staff.
Taking the name ‘Fireproud’, the network will seek to provide a safe, confidential and supportive environment for all MFRS staff who identify as LGBT and others who identify under the LGBT umbrella.
It will exist for anyone in the organisation to offer help, information, support, advice or just a better understanding of LGBT issues.
The Fireproud network will also establish a calendar of events where staff can meet and socialise.
Firefighter and chair of the Fireproud network, Lorraine Lowe, said: “It’s vital for us to have a work environment where everyone has a chance to achieve their potential, free from barriers, prejudice and discrimination.
“Fireproud will help every member of staff who identify under the LGBT umbrella feel supported and empowered, providing peer support and confidential advice.
“We are looking forward to Fireproud becoming a valuable resource to all our LGBT staff.”
Equality & Diversity Manager, Wendy Kenyon, said: “Fireproud will be available for anyone
in the organisation to access help, information,
support and advice or just gain a better understanding of LGBT issues.
“Any member of staff experiencing difficulty due to their gender identity or sexuality will be supported in confidence and Fireproud will provide a safe forum for LGBT staff to network.”
Find out more about Fireproud on the Portal at
http://intranetportal/sites/smd/equalityanddiv ersity/FireProud/default.aspx or e-mail:
Firefighter Lorraine Lowe, DCFO Phil Garrigan and Community Risk Management Officer Cheryl McGrath at the launch.

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