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southport Fire ghters raise a sud-sational amount for charity
Southport Firefighters gave thanks to their local community for helping them raise almost £500 at a charity car wash.
Firefighters from Southport Community Fire Station White Watch, together with fire cadets from Bootle and Netherton Fire Station, rolled up their sleeves to wash cars, vans and even a police car.
The event, which took place at Southport Community Fire Station on Albert Road, was held to raise funds for The Fire Fighters Charity.
Watch Manager Steve Bousfield said: “We were absolutely thrilled with how many people came along to the car wash and for all the support offered to us by local agencies. The community were really generous.
“Everyone involved had a great day and we were delighted to be able to provide a service for the people of Southport while raising funds for a vital cause.
“The Fire Fighters Charity is very important to Firefighters and the rest of the firefighting community.
“Everyone who came along to get their car washed has helped make a positive difference to firefighters, MFRS staff, retired Firefighters and their family members in need.”
takIng the lead on resIlIence
The Service is currently in discussions with the Home Office with regard to becoming the lead authority for the delivery of National Resilience Assurance.
Following the terrorist attacks in the USA on September 11 2001, the Government of the day initiated the New Dimension programme in order to improve national resilience arrangements to deal with similar incidents in the UK.
This has resulted in the delivery of the Urban Search and Rescue (USAR), Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Conventional Explosive (CBRN (E), High Volume Pumping (HVP) and Command and Control (C&C) capabilities.
All of these capabilities are provided primarily for use at national incidents through discrete funding and support arrangements from the Home Office.
The current governance arrangements for what is now known as National Resilience are delivered through a tripartite partnership between the Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA), the Local Government Association (LGA) and the Home Office via the National Resilience Board (NRB).
CFO Dan Stephens is the CFOA strategic lead for National Resilience and the Chair of NRB.
The assurance arrangements for National Resilience are delivered through the National Resilience Assurance Team
(NRAT), which is a team of seconded Officers dedicated to each of the National Resilience capabilities and supported by a CFOA capability lead officer.
The Home Office currently finance the NRAT through a grant to CFOA National Resilience Ltd (CNR) which is a commercial company set up by CFOA to manage the grant. It is the wish of the Home Office to move away from CNR delivering this function and instead utilise a Lead Authority.
The Home Office also require a saving of 25% against the 2015/16 budget for National Resilience assurance as a result of Departmental savings targets set by the Treasury.
CFO Stephens has been requested by the Home Office to facilitate this transition in his capacity as strategic lead for National Resilience and Chair of the NRB.
It is his belief that Merseyside can undertake the function of Lead Authority for National Resilience assurance and deliver the 25% saving whilst minimising the impact on the service delivered by the NRAT.
Undertaking the function of Lead Authority for National Resilience will maintain the existing National Resilience capabilities from which MFRS derives significant operational benefit.

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