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Ideas for improvement
• Simplifying any administrative processes
• Improvement in training operations
• Improvement in safety at work • Reduction in costs whilst
maintaining performance
• Achieving work/life balance and improving the work environment
You can find the suggestion form, and further information, on the
Portal homepage so feel free to submit some great ideas.
There is even the chance to
win a mug!
Raising awareness of business continuity
The Improvement Scheme, an employee suggestion scheme designed to capture suggestions which will improve the way we deliver our services, is inviting all staff to submit new ideas.
It is an opportunity for you to make a difference and be recognised and rewarded for your effort and ideas.
Suggested improvements that
are eligible for consideration
must link to our Mission and Corporate Aims and lead to improvement in the delivery of our services.
Suggested improvements should also include one or more of the following areas:
• Improvements in services to the public • Reduction of risk within the community • Simplifying or streamlining procedures
Our Business Continuity Team held a variety of events to mark Business Continuity Awareness Week.
A global event, Business Continuity Awareness Week aims to demonstrate the value of business continuity and help people understand why they should apply it to their organisation.
This year’s theme was security and an incident simulation game called BC24 was made available for free on the Business Continuity Institute’s website.
The game hoped to show people what business continuity is all about and help people understand why organisations need it.
It looked at the roles of six key players during a disruption and offered insights in to what goes through their minds.
Our Business Continuity Team also launched a quiz with a series of questions about potential scenarios in the event of a business continuity interruption.
ICT Applications Manager Bill Elliot and Station Manager Sean McGuinness were the lucky winners and received a £10 voucher.
For more information about the work of the Business Continuity Institute visit

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